Briefly about Dafabet

Dafabet India is an organization that provides gambling services to its customers worldwide. Dafabet can be both an online casino and a bookmaker, depending on your wish. The organization has been operating since 2004 and today is distributed to many countries worldwide. All services that non Gamstop bookmakers provide to its customers are legal as they are licensed by both the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

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Dafabet has a special attitude towards India and most of the organizations that provide gambling services. This country has many inhabitants, and many of them are interested in at least cricket. That’s why Dafabet keeps a close eye on how the Indian market is growing and developing the cricket sector. 

That’s why so many Indians choose Dafabet.

Dafabet mobile app

dafabet mobile app

Dafabet has developed mobile sports betting and Dafabet casino app to make betting easier for our consumers. It may be utilized at any point in time and in any location. The most important thing was to have access to the Internet. The application is available for the Android and iOS operating systems. Except for the act of downloading to your device, apps are identical.

Install on your iPhone or iPad

Everything is simple with this operating system. You must go to the App Store and search for the Dafabet sports betting program, which you must then download. It will instantly download and install on your device and on your desktop.

Betting with the Dafabet app on Android

As already mentioned, it is much easier to download the Dafabet application to your iOS device than to your Android. However, even in the second case, there are not many difficulties. You can get the application by following the steps described below. And the first thing you need to know is that getting the application consists of two parts. 

Dafabet “Download APK” part of the app

  1. Enter the name of the bookmaker you’re looking for in your browser’s search bar;
  2. Visit the bookmaker’s official Dafabet India website;
  3. Locate the installation location of the bookmaker’s mobile app for sports betting on the bookmaker’s official website;
  4. Click the Android logo symbol to save the Dafabet APK file to your system’s storage.

Installing process on Android

After you’ve downloaded the Dafabet APK file to your phone, you’ll need to complete the following:

  1. Navigate to your device’s storage;
  2. In your navigator, look for the folder with the download name;
  3. To identify and extract the installation package, go to the “Installation” page.

Your Android device has the Dafabet mobile app installed. On your device, you may use its functionalities.

Cricket Betting with the Dafabet sports app in 2022

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Of course, the most important thing for almost any customer from India is the possibility of betting on cricket. And Dafabet does an excellent job with this responsibility. Moreover, Dafabet is often mentioned as the best bookmaker in cricket betting. And indeed, Dafabet is, in its way, one of the best. 

Cricket, as it happens, has long been India’s national sport. Dafabet’s locals like it and prefer to watch the game live or via streaming.

On Dafabet’s official website or Dafabet sports app, you can place cricket bets with the best odds in India on some of the most famous championships worldwide. You can also find some of the lesser-known events if you like them. Dafabet takes care of all its customers!

The upcoming season of IPL is gaining a lot of popularity right now. This will be the 15th edition of the annual competition, which is getting a lot of attention in India and worldwide! The competition will start on April 2. Dafabet is king thorough preparations for the sporting event to make the betting process more manageable and better for those watching IPL 2022. 

Mobile version of the Dafabet website

Before appearing in sports betting apps, bookmakers made Dafabet mobile websites for users who prefer to use a smartphone. 

Today such versions of sites still exist and even enjoy some popularity. The main differentiating feature is that the website does not require any additional software installed on your device. 

Dafabet sports app VS mobile version of the website

NotificationsOffline AccessComfortAdditional softPossibilities
Mobile version of the site++
Dafabet mobile app+++++

We certainly can’t tell which is better or which is worse. It is up to you to decide what is best for you. We are solely here to assist you in comprehending the differences between the app and the mobile version of the website. It’s up to you to make the ultimate decision.


Today, you have tried to understand a bookmaker like Dafabet learned about its opportunities to its customers. We have tried to explain why Dafabet is called the number 1 bookmaker for cricket betting. 

We hope that our honest review has helped you to understand what Dafabet is and that you will pay attention to such a worthy sportsbook. We advise you to explore it closer and start betting with it!


What about the legality of betting in India?

In India, gambling is prohibited. However, internet betting is permitted. This is due to an 1867 statute that forbids the creation of gaming enterprises that give gambling services to their clients. However, thanks to the internet and technological advancements, you don’t have to go anywhere, which means you don’t have to visit such a place. Everything is in order. And bookies are established outside of India, allowing them to avoid the law. Dafabet is one of them.

You won’t be punished if you bet online, but keep in mind that winnings from betting are taxed, so you might face trouble if you don’t pay it. Take care.

Who will be the IPL 2022 champion?

There is no definitive answer because no one can predict the winner ahead of time, although a few favorites have. Look at the tentative odds in the Dafabet app to find out what they are. The primary choice is the Chennai Super Kings, who have the least preliminary odds of 4.00. (the lower the odds, the better the bookmaker gives the team to win). Mumbai Indians are in the second position with odds of 4.50, while Delhi Capitals are in third place with odds of 5.00.

You can bet on the IPL on the Dafabet app in 2022 here:

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