Break Down IIoT Projects Cost with Seeed Fusion

The IoT community has well-received LoRa-E5, and demand quickly dried up inventory. But now we are happy to announce that the LoRa-E5 (STM32WLE5JC) module is back in stock! Seeed is also launching a sponsorship event to support IoT makers’ manufacture and design with Lora-E5! Receive $250USD off when your Lora design is manufactured with Seeed Fusion!

What Is LoRa-E5?

LoRa-E5 (STM32WLE5JC) module

LoRa-E5 is a LoRaWAN Module designed by Seeed, with low cost, ultra-low power consumption, and high performance in mind. It is designed under industry standards with an operating temperature range of -40 ℃ to 85 ℃. It is adapted for smart cities, smart agriculture, wireless communication networks, and other low-power wide-area IoT scenarios. If you need a module for your LoRaWAN application, then LoRa-E5 should be your go-to solution.

To better serve the IoT community, Seeed has prepared ample stock for prototyping and mass production. Rest assured that stocks will not run dry, and with direct backing from Seeed, there is no better time to achieve your project goals.

PCBA Sponsorship for LoRa-E5

For the benefit of the IoT community and to promote uptake of Seeed LoRa-E5, Seeed has launched the LoRa-E5 sponsorship event. Manufacture your LoRa-E5 design with Seeed Fusion and get a huge $250 off, which is great on the purse strings.

PCBA Sponsorship for LoRa-E5

To apply for sponsorship, just fill in the form and let us know once you have completed your LoRa design.

If you are looking to build solutions using LoRaWAN, don’t miss this opportunity and try LoRa-E5 from Seeed Studio. If that was not enough to whet your tastebuds, check out our other ongoing sponsorships:

LoRa-E5 has been added to the Seeed Open Parts Library (OPL), available for just USD$5.90!

LoRa-E5 has been added to Seeed Open Parts Library (OPL), which means that LoRa-E5 can be used together with the Seeed Fusion PCB turnkey assembly service at a lower price. The greater the quantity, the greater the savings. And since all OPL parts are available locally, parts procurement is much quicker. If all the parts are from the OPL, complete PCB assembly can be completed in just 7 working days.

Free PCBA Prototyping for Business Users!

Seeed offers free prototypes when you follow up with batch production to reduce the high costs of prototyping. Make as many prototypes with Seeed Fusion, and when you are ready for mass production, get the costs of the prototypes refunded, up to 6% of the total batch order.

Free Functional Testing and Free Design for Assembly (DFA) Review

Functional testing is a key tool in ensuring the quality of the whole turnkey PCBA operation. Seeed provides free functional testing for one piece with every PCB assembly order. Have your product tested and fixed on the spot if needed.

To further reduce errors, all orders undergo free Design for Assembly (DFA) review – double-checking footprints and verifying assembly before purchasing. The earlier problems are found, the easier it is to remedy. We are confident you will not be disappointed.

Seeed, an official authorized partner of STMicroelectronics, has been engaged in electronics design and manufacturing for more than 12 years and has a strong interest in the field of industry IoT. Dedicated to providing customers with high-quality turnkey service, from prototype, design to integrated customization, Seeed is a reliable choice. For more information on LoRa products and technology, including LoRa-E5, check out LoRapedia.

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