Best Xbox Strategic Games

The gaming industry has grown massively over the last twenty years. The Wii, Dreamcast, Sega Genesis, and the Color TV game consoles are some of the ever-competitive and dynamic industry pioneers.

xbox game controller

Staying relevant is the most difficult part. Companies need to constantly seek feedback from their clientele to try to satisfy the insatiable thirst of their ever-demanding clientele. Each new edition introduced should come with specifications better than its predecessor.

Advancements in technology and design have ensured that the latest gaming devices have become faster, slicker, and cheaper. No time lags, no overheating, and most importantly, you don’t have to worry about damaging your game discs as the modern-day console can either have the game saved onto the machine or can be installed directly from the internet.

Games can now be enjoyed in High Definition, meaning the image is clearer, sharper and the quality is second to none. The majority of real money casinos in united kingdom gaming enthusiasts range mostly from pre-teens to young adults.

This section of fanatics is usually dominated by males who seem to have more interest in gaming than their female counterparts. Boys being boys, usually prefer games that involve strategy and a lot of action.

The Xbox and PlayStation are the Barcelona and Real Madrid of the gaming industry. The two have are the flag bearers and have consistently delivered the goods for their ardent fans who have been spoilt for choice.

For strategic games, many gamers prefer the Xbox because of its gaming pad that is somewhat easier and more convenient to operate when trying to execute commands that may require an immediate response.

If you feel like taking a break from your Australian casinos, you can always play the following Xbox strategic games:

Call of Duty

A huge fan favorite worldwide. With amazing graphics, you can feel as if you are actually on the battleground. It is a fantastic and revolutionary series whose legendary status is undeniable. It is ranked in many circles as one of the best games of all time.


This game is a classic that also commands a huge fan base as well. Like Call of Duty, it is a series as well, which may be why it is so popular amongst gamers. You can also play online with or against someone who is thousands of kilometers away. What more could gamers want?

XCom 2

Aliens invade earth, and it was up to the XCOM force to put together a team capable of fighting back. It definitely sounds like a storyline from a Hollywood film. It is a fairly difficult game to play, even on easy mode. Some of the game’s challenges, such as time restraints, often force the player into desperate action. You are more likely to lose, and for that reason, it one of the best sought-after games with a modest rating of 4.4/5.

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