Best Finance Tools and Budget Apps for Couples

Managing your finances as a couple can be quite stressful, and can actually lead to disagreements. All the same, you still have to talk about your finances, as well as plan for the future, while at the same time remaining on the same wavelength.

finance tools

Doing this ensures that you maintain a great relationship, while at the same time achieving your financial goals. In fact, you will be able to budget accordingly and successfully and save more money. That means even if your partner enjoys playing slots online, they get a budget for that to ensure that they don’t spend what you can’t afford to lose on gaming.

Without further ado, here are the best financial tools and budget apps for couples.


This tool is really great if you want to analyze your budget. In fact, the tool enables you to pull information from all your credit card accounts, bank accounts, as well as all investment accounts. The great thing about this tool is that it allows you to categorize entries.

The tool also recommends actions that you can take as a couple in order to find cost savings. On top of that, the tool automatically generates a budget that’s based on your goals, bills, and more.

Personal Capital

This tool can pull your bank account, track the money you use on real casino money, investment, and credit account information. This allows you to have an overview of what’s happening with your money. As a result, you can see if you are financially healthy or not. You will also be able to add personal accounts and get a holistic view of your finances.

Twine Savings App

You will use this app to transfer funds into a shared account from your individual accounts. This is perfect for those moments when you have a shared goal that you want to achieve. Also, you will be able to save and track your savings.

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