Benefits of Geofencing Software for your Business

Geofencing creates an effective fence around a specified physical location with real-time location tracking services. You can use the system to track and monitor humans coming in and going out within the designated area. It uses radio frequency identification (RFID), cellular data, wifi, and GPS.

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Geofencing is gaining popularity daily because of many benefits like safeguarding valuable assets, connecting with customers, improving workplace management, and tracking employees. The company sets the geographical boundary, and whenever a device enters or leaves the geofence, the company gets an alert.

Most companies have recorded improved staff performance after using geofencing. For example, a telematic study proves that 70% of drivers improved their behavior and accurate resource utilization after embracing the geofencing software.

There are more reasons why companies are using geofencing for incredible results, and these geofencing statistics prove that most users are satisfied.

Geofencing Statistics

  • Geofencing is compatible with over 92% of mobile phones
  • Most customers spend at least 5 hours on their phones daily
  • 71% of customers respond to the personalized ad experience
  • Geofencing mobile ads have double the click rate.
  • About three customers will complete the action when they receive an ad.
  • 53% of customers will visit the shop after getting a location-based message. 

Here are the benefits of geofencing

Benefits of Geofencing


Indoor Tracking

Geofencing uses a real-time location system for accurate indoor tracking. It is automated, making it more efficient than manual tracking and eliminating human error. Sometimes no matter how efficient supervisors might be, they will get tired, take a break or leave some assets unattended after the end of their shift. But with an indoor tracking system, you will get a remainder.

On the other hand, indoor tracking will help keep your employee safe. It will communicate the real-time location of your employees, and in case of an emergency, it can be quicker to respond. A lone worker can ask for assistance through the RLTS  system.

Time Tracking

Geofencing can benefit your employees by tracking employee time, wages, and location. With its clock app, you will be able to create a geofence around your workplace, and you will be able to monitor your employees’ time they come and exit work.

Moreover, you can customize the mobile app, and your employees can use it to clock in or out when they are in the geofence, and in case of a geofence violation, the manager will be notified.

Cut Down Expense

Most companies use geo fencing technology to reduce fuel, time, and fleet waste. The geo fencing system will alert you once the driver takes a detour. If your driver takes a wrong turn, the geofencing will send him an alert message guiding him back to the correct route.

Going to the correct location will minimize the fuel cost you could have used in the wrong direction. The software will also help your fleet to work more efficiently.

Effective Data Collection

With a geofencing system, you will get all the valuable data you need, like a long-term trend on your company-related issue. Collecting data on how often your employees leave work, overtime, and leave days won’t be hard. Are your employees punching in and out within the geofence perimeter? You will also know how clients react to geofence-activated notifications and whether they are taking action.

Simplifying the Communication

Coordinating regarding a field task or tracking any violations in the geofencing software will help eliminate communication challenges. You can use the technology to send triggered communication, and the employees will finish the job within the given time frame.

Additionally, the technology will help you communicate with your customers when their delivery is some blocks to their address. Your client can also push notifications on a return shipment. With geofencing, communication will be efficient, there will be no room for clarification calls, and the fieldwork will be carried out smoothly.


Schedule Adherence

 Fieldwork operations have timelines and deadlines, and your employees won’t meet their targets if they don’t follow a schedule. With the geofencing software, you can ensure timelines are met and your workers follow schedule adherence.

Do you think you’re lost? The geofencing alerts will keep you on the designated route. And in case you have multiple deliveries, the schedule is becoming hard; geofencing will come in handy with designated stops. The software will help you follow the program and your field operation is successful.

Excellent Fleet Management

If fleet management has been a complicated affair for you, geofencing software will make it as headache free as possible. You can track drivers’ movement in and out of geofence and monitor their progress. You can also monitor your driver if he is idling and check how much time he spends on a route. With this information, you can do route planning and save fuel costs.


 The geofencing software is very advantageous to managers and business owners. It promotes operational efficiency, transparency, low cost, and fleet management. It’s software that will revolutionize your business by empowering you to keep track of what’s happening within your geo fence and in the field.

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