Benefits of doing Leading SAFe certification

Agile is the Project Management process in the application development, which encourages accountability, self, and teamwork as well. This methodology provides with a moderate project management process by merely reducing down the time which is required for the adaptation and review It integrates alignment, collaboration, and delivery for the different Agile teams and provides with some of the significant improvements to business agility that includes the productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, time to market, employee engagement and much more.


The latest version of the SAFe 4.6 was released on the 22nd of July 2017. This latest advanced version comes up with the high delivery process of both the services and products and provides a build-measures-learn-feedback cycle. With the four critical updates, SAFe has also grown faster with the market since it came into the market in 2011 and kept on being a work in the entire process.

SAFe Certification helps you build up a strong foundation on the Agile standards, practices, and the applications, which are also required to build up the project success. You might also be searching and looking for the best coaching institute to take up this course and might even be looking at why only the StarAgile and why not the institution of the other? Because StarAgile provides the best training with the best industry norms and standards.

The Benefits of doing Leading SAFe Agilist certification

  • Life Long Journey: The scaled Agile framework course is the first step in the journey of Agile. It is not an end. The certification helps you to kick start your journey while getting to know your peers in the IT industry. There is some help which is available from the community of agile all through the entire journey. By being active in the community, you can even get any help you want.
  • Access to Content: After the certification, all the trainees are provided with the scaled agile content kit, which itself is just like a gold reservoir for all the agile knowledge and skills. But they don’t stop here. You get all the content updates based on the trends of the industry and changes in the training content. You can even get access to the SA branding kit to make sure that you stand out in the crowd. You also get included in the closed-scaled agile community on the professional social channel Linked. Be listed yourself in the SA directory if you wish to be accessible by the employers.
  • Certification Helps: Certifications does help you to showcase your right talent. Though getting certified does not just make you an expert, it lays a baseline that you are usually aware of the different concepts and what it takes to scale up agile in large and complex organizations.
  • Practical application: By getting trained with a SAFe Agilist Certification gets you access to direct knowledge and skills on the current market industry trends and challenges that are faced in it. Since only like the minded people will attend the training, you get to hear some of the different perspectives on the issues faced in large organizations and how they tackle them on a day-to-day basis. In addition to the excellent course content, you also have the opportunity to learn and gain expertise from some of the peer agile consultants and executives managers.
  • Long-term Career Benefits: No matter whether you want to get a new job with a good salary or you want recognition in your current company, then you must go for the SAFe Agilist Certification. Nowadays, organizations look for SAFe-certified individuals as they can easily adapt to the agile transformation easily and quickly. It even authorizes the latest knowledge and skills of the agile professional, and hence, it is now mandatory to obtain for moving up the ladder in the career.
  • Agile: It is also a badge of honor, along with your excellent work in the current organization. The certification program is also designed and built up in such a way as to change your mindset and hence take you to the path of directly implementing lean agile in your organization.

What is the minimum number of experience which is required?

The required experience is of a minimum of 5 years in the software development as developers, business analysts, project managers, consultants, testers, or even the testers that can take the course to enhance their skills and knowledge in the lean, agile process. Some of the solid and basic knowledge in the Scrum framework will also be going to help a lot.

What about the SAFe scope in the coming years?

SAFe has already evolved from the SAFe 1.0 to SAFe 4.6 in just seven years since it entered the market in 2011. This shows how fast companies are nowadays adapting to SAFe and quick feedback. SAFe also might further evolve to meet some of the growing needs of the enterprises. They may also introduce and reveal some of the more knowledge competencies and areas. All the versions of the SAFe are backward compatible.

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