At-Home Spa: 7 Steps and Tips to Renovate Your Bathroom

With its steam showers, warm towels, and divine massages, a spa surely provides relaxation when you need it the most. Now imagine a spa-like facility right in your home! Yes, you do not need to reserve this magical experience for spa days only when you can have this indulgence at your home with a few bathroom renovations.


A bathroom remodel can also add value to your home. For instance, if you live in a city like Tucson with a seller’s market, i.e., where the housing demand exceeds the supply, you can easily get top dollar for your home with some bathroom remodeling. So from buying plush linens to installing high-tech equipment, here are some bathroom renovation ideas that will give your space the spa-like tranquil quality you crave.

1. Add a Showstopping Shower and Tub

What good are a spa without a luxurious steam shower and a divine tub? Replace your outdated shower fixtures with a rainfall shower head and relax beneath a steady, even water flow. Next, replace the shower curtain with a glass enclosure for a more spa-like feel. If not, consider adding full-length shower curtains to make the room look bigger.

However, if you live in a city with a hot climate, such as Tucson, a steamy shower may not sound appealing, even in its mild winters. You can consider adding a walk-in shower free of doors or curtains. Since there is no enclosure to capture the steam, you can have a hot shower without the bathroom getting too steamy, which will feel comfortable in mild winters. You can search for reputable bathroom remodeling companies to walk you through some of the best Tucson walk-in showers to install in your bathroom and get that spa-vibe.

If the space and budget allow, consider adding a stand-alone tub to create a luxurious home spa. You are more likely to enjoy the bath you dream of in a stand-alone tub in an arched corner instead of a built-in one.    

2. Increase Storage Space

Nothing ruins the spa-like mood more than the toiletries and aesthetically unappealing things on display, increasing the visual clutter. Consider increasing your closed-off storage space, like drawers and cabinets, and hide away anything that does not look good lying around. You can curate your open shelves with decorative items such as art, artificial plants, and candles to make your space more visually appealing.

You can also try being novel and aesthetic with your storage, like adding a towel ladder instead of a traditional towel bar. It will warm up the look instantly and allow you to show off your fancy spa towels. It will also bring an organic touch to your bathroom design that only natural elements can bring.

3. Play Magic with Neutral Colors

A spa exudes calmness, cleanliness, and radiance, and you should strive to achieve the same soothing vibe f a spa-like bathroom. To do this, play with the color palette of neutral hues, blues, and greens, and leave the bright colors and crazy patterns for the powder room, which makes the environment stimulating and overwhelming. Not a fan of simple designs? Don’t worry! You can add subtle floral patterns that will help you bathe in the restorative power of nature instead of making the environment distracting.

4. Incorporate Earthy Elements

Spending time surrounded by nature has a soothing psychological effect. So it will be a good idea to incorporate earthy elements in your bathroom, even if it is just a house plant near the window. If you are a nature admirer and want more than just a plant, you can try bringing the outdoors in! If your home is amidst beautiful scenery or overlooks it, you can add the full wall window framing the scenic view.

5. Update Lighting

A well-chosen bathroom lighting is essential to create a soothing ambiance for your dream bath. It is a significant factor in setting the mood of your space, increasing versatility, and highlighting the bathroom features that may otherwise go unnoticed in the dark corners. Moreover, add adjustable lights that will allow you to have control over the brightness. You can have bright lights at the vanity that will help you get ready, with the luxury of being able to dim them for a spa-like routine.

6. Incorporate Technology

You can splurge on technology to have a spa-like bathroom that is smart and energy efficient. Consider installing a programmable water thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature for a perfect shower. The thermostat will also reduce the water flow to ensure no undue wastage.

If you live in a state where it snows or gets uncomfortably cold, a heated floor is a useful feature that allows you to step on a warm floor straight out of the shower. Heated floors are a perfect way to start and end your shower with a warm and cozy feeling. So say your farewells to chilly toes with these high-end radiant tile floors!

Consider exploring other options, such as cabinets with refrigeration for your temperature-sensitive products like serums, medicines, and eye creams. Modern bathtubs also come with a variety of high-tech features, like bubbles and even vibrational acoustics.

7. Add a Built-in Sound System

Relaxing music while soaking in a hot tub will provide a soothing atmosphere. The audio systems have amazing features, like saving your favorite radio station, connecting to a music streaming service, or syncing to your phone to play music. Whether you want to hear soft melodies or tune into more upbeat music, the choice is yours! You can also install speakers in your shower and listen to your favorite music while washing up. However, ensure they are moisture-resistant to avoid any unwanted accidents.


Nothing is more soothing than coming home to relax after a long strenuous day—especially when it involves soaking in a spa-like bath with elegant design, scented candles, a nice drink, and soft music playing in the background. With the right bathroom renovations, this all can be yours! The key to achieving this level of relaxation in an uninspired bathroom is to know what to add and remove to create your coveted spa-like facility. With the right balance between a relaxing oasis and a convenient space, you can depict with your bathroom design that practicality and beauty can coexist.

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