An honest critique can benefit any piece of writing

The web has offered considerable benefits to writers, both amateur and professional. This is very helpful for all aspiring writers from all sides of life, creed, or race. An article critique is not just to degrade a writer. It is meant to be an honest evaluation of an article.

Writing an article critique – Points to consider


Content is the first thing to criticize someone’s writing; it is next to critique. Anyone willing to handle the critiquing project must be cautious and should know specific guidelines. Before working on a critique, you must read the article thoroughly to benefit the writer.


Read the title. Is the title of the article chosen wisely? Is the writer able to target on the title? Remember that it is very easy for a writer to get carried away. Is the topic developed well? How clear the presentation is written? Do you feel that the article is written on the right flow?


The content must be presented in line with a title. A good article must flow continuously from the first paragraph to the next without losing its meaning and context. The detail is presented in a logical manner.

Technique and style

Every writer might have their own style of writing. As you read the article review or how to write an article review on the web you might come across various samples. Always remember, to begin with some positive impression, check skillful aspects of the writer.  Always consider spending sometimes extra to check the spelling and grammar. A critique will be able to choose upon a careful writer, one who pays attention to format, style, technique, grammar, and format. Spelling errors sometimes happen during transcription, sadly.

Unless the work is written poorly and needs some rewrite, present a negative common with an optimistic note. Begin the critique with a comprehensive impression of the content. Find out what worked and what not as a reader. Did the article entertain you? With such points in mind, an article critique might benefit the writer.

In general, you might have to check whether the content or excerpt work for you? What did not work specifically? Did you love the article? Do you wish to read more? If you are checking a short content, did the author fulfill your expectations?

If you are reviewing a novel story, conclude for the author what you need the story to deliver in the way all queries solved, resolved, conflicts, characters changed etc.  This might let the author know whether he or she fits into the reader’s expectations correctly.  The communication must be apparent, and it should bring more traffic. Most writers might benefit from a good and honest critique.

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