8 Things To Know Before You Buy The Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Sticks are trending these days, and almost every household has it as it has made their lives so easy. You can watch anything on the Internet through the Amazon Fire Stick. 

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But there are certain things that you should know before you buy the Amazon Fire Stick. Read on to learn more!

1. You’ll Need an HDMI Port

Most of the smart TVs today already have an HDMI port. This port is helpful to play HD videos with theater-quality sound. The process is pretty easy as the Fire Stick does not have any additional wires. Hence, you have to attach the stick to the port. 

Without the HDMI port, you cannot connect to the Fire Stick. So, if you have an older TV, this may seem a bit difficult to connect. Additionally, you can look for a port on your TV where you can plug an HDMI connector. 

This small cable can easily plug into your TV and then attach to the Fire Stick. However, make sure you are well-versed with your TV, HDMI port and connector, and the Fire Stick operations. 

2. You Need Strong Internet Connection

This is the second most important thing after the HDMI port. The Fire Stick requires a strong Internet connection; otherwise, the movies or series will not run on the TV. You need a minimum of 5 Mbps speed for HD video streaming. 

Moreover, for 4K streaming, you’ll need 25 Mbps speed. Bear in mind that this is applicable for only one device. If you want to have more than one Fire Stick at your place, you need to have a better connection. 

Additionally, you require a wireless internet connection because the device does not have an ethernet port. As a result, the entire data on the Amazon Fire TV is accessed through the Internet. So, without a stable internet connection, the Fire TV Stick is of no use. 

3. Content on the Amazon Fire Stick Is Not Free

You might have seen some advertisements related to free movies and series on the Amazon Fire Stick, but unfortunately, they aren’t. The Amazon Fire Stick does not guarantee free membership. So, you still have to pay to access the content. 

There are a few films that you can watch for free, but most of the content is unavailable. You’ll have to subscribe to Amazon to watch all the series and movies. 

On every film, there is a banner stating if it is available for Prime or not, so you’ll know once you start accessing your Fire Stick. 

4. Different Applications Will Have Their Own Subscriptions

The Amazon Fire Stick does not guarantee subscriptions. You cannot even access the content of Amazon after buying the Fire Stick. For applications like Netflix, Hulu, ABC, Hotstar, you will have to subscribe to the particular App to access them. 

However, you can jailbreak FireStick 4K or FireStick Lite to access plenty of fantastic content. 

5. You Don’t Need Amazon Prime for Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick does not need Amazon Prime to operate. If you want to access Amazon Prime-specific films and series, then only you need this account. 

But if the content in the Amazon library does not appeal to you, you can remove this option. You can pay for other applications like Netflix, Hulu, and ABC, but you don’t need to pay for Amazon Prime. 

6. Purchased iTunes Music and Movie Will Not Play on the Amazon Fire Stick

If you have an iPhone, you are already familiar with downloading songs through iTunes. But, unfortunately, you cannot play these songs on the Amazon Fire Stick, a significant disadvantage for iPhone users. 

On the contrary, if you want to listen to the songs on Amazon Fire TV, you always have an option for Youtube. But the purchased movies and music from iTunes will only be of use to you on your iPhone. 

7. Amazon Fire TV Can Mirror Your Smartphone

This is another distinct feature of the Amazon Fire Stick that you should know. Whatever you are playing on your smartphone, you can display it on the TV. All you need is the same Wifi source, and you can easily connect both devices. 

For instance, if you have a video on your smartphone and want to project it on the TV, you can use the mirror option on the Fire Stick and play the video. 

8. Fire Stick vs. Fire Stick Lite

Before you purchase the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you should know the difference between the two. Although they have the same functions, operations, and performance, the main difference lies in their remote. 

Fire Stick remote has two additional features, namely, the volume control button and mute button. It makes your life easy as you’ll only need one remote to operate the TV. 

The Fire Stick TV remote and the other regular remote of your TV to control the voice. However, the Fire Stick Lite does not have these two buttons, so you’ll have to juggle two remotes. Make sure that you are purchasing the first one. 

Final Thoughts

The Amazon Fire Stick is the best thing you can buy as you can access all the streaming devices on one TV. You can now sit with your family and enjoy the experience which earlier was only individual. 

But, before you do, keep the points mentioned above in mind for a seamless experience!

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