8 Reasons Why EVs are the Future of Transportation

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are quickly becoming a leader in the automotive industry. With increasing concerns about pollution levels worldwide and the rise and fall of gas prices, taking a greener approach to our transportation is the clear solution.

If you’re intrigued by an ultra low cost, low emissions answer to our gas-guzzling vehicles, you’ll want to check out the below infographic created by Auto Loan Solutions. This informative and interesting infographic demonstrates the revolution of EVs, and how this evolved from a trend to reality.

This infographic proves that concerns about the reliability or power of these vehicles have no basis. By 2040, EVs will make up 35% of new car sales. EV charging stations are becoming as readily available as gas stations – currently surpassing that of gas stations in Japan.

The 2016 Global EV Outlook report outlined by IEA (International Energy Agency) refers to EVs as “necessary to meet sustainability targets,” and as a product at “the heart of future sustainable transportation systems.” The profound environmental impact of EVs will help ensure a safe and sustainable environment for future generations in the present and future.

More and more automotive companies are investing in this advanced technology. Ford is currently investing $4.5 billion toward EV development, intending to develop 13 EV models by 2020, and Tesla plans to build 1 million EVs in the same time frame.

EVs are inevitably an important advancement in the future of transportation technology. They are economical and environmental. The total lifetime fuel savings of EVs amounts to nearly $13,000.

This infographic shares all the information you’ll need to be convinced of the power of EVs, and the important role these vehicles will play in the future of transportation. Learn more about the benefits for the environment and your wallet by reading the below infographic.


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