8 Effective Tips for Properly Writing an Essay in College

College life seems fun and exciting in most movies, which might’ve made you think you’re going to have the time of your life. But now that you in it, the assignments, papers, essays, tests, and whatnot might really be starting to pile up.

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However, you can handle everything if you are extremely organized and really focused. But, for the times things start spiraling, you should find Academic Writing Services by highly quilified specialist writers.

So, when you do have the time to do an essay by yourself, try these tips below.

Try To Make the Project Fun

Not everyone likes to write essays, especially when they are long and lined up. Even professional writers feel unmotivated to write some or most of the time. It can be dull if you are not incredibly interested in the topic.

However, there is a simple trick you can use to make the project more fun. Simply ask yourself, “How can I have more fun while writing this?”

When you think about this, your subconscious will automatically start to think of strategies. You can also try to ask, “How can I get done with this as fast as possible?”

Find Surprises about the Essay Subject

Writing an essay is somewhat similar to writing a story since both are about conflict and change. However, essays differ from stories because the conflict might be between ideas, and the change is how you perceive those concepts.

The means a great essay is about the surprise. So instead of thinking about what your professor might like or wants to read, think about the interesting things relating to the topic and what surprises you.

If you have done some research and you are stuck at the question “what surprises me?” then you might not know the topic as well as you should to write the essay.

Consider the Three-Point Way

There are plenty of ways to write an essay, but the standard and the best is thought to be the three-point method.

The three-point essay has an introduction that includes a thesis, a body, and a conclusion. However, it’s best to split the body up into three parts. So, when you begin, you should initially start by writing five original sentences relating to your topic.

The five sentences being; the thesis, first body, second body, third body, and the conclusion. When you have these written down, the task will become less daunting.

Start With the Body Instead of the Introduction

You might start an essay by writing the introduction section first, and it makes sense because it comes on top, structure-wise. However, writing this way also seems unrealistic because you summarize an essay you haven’t even written yet. That’s why the introduction might be the hardest part.

So, you should write the entire body first. When you are done with the body, you can easily summarize it in the introduction. Then, finish it off with a conclusion.

Answer the Right Question

Many students try to answer the “What?” or “Why?” of the topic when planning their essay, mostly the former. However, answering “What?” is fairly common, and you should avoid it. While you can get a good essay by answering the “Why?” you should aim for the best. So, you should answer “How?”

Also, focusing on how will give you an added benefit, which is you can easily find enough to cover your essay.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Off-Topic, But Not All the Time

When writing an essay, you don’t have to stick with straight routes throughout the ride. Essay writing can be fun, and you can tiptoe around.

Freely write like you are circling around the topic instead of going in a straight line. In the end, you can always make some edits and remove what feels unnecessary.

Wikipedia Can Be Great for Research, but It’s Not the Only Option

Wikipedia can undoubtedly be excellent to get information about something, but it’s not the only website out there. Not only that, but many of your professors might even think of Wikipedia as a valid source for your essays.

So, unless you are doing background research to find more about your topic or checking out the original sources in the reference sections, try to avoid Wikipedia.

Clever Trick: “Heavily Source” Your Essays

If you ever want to write a really good essay but don’t have much time, you go the “heavy sourcing” route. However, you need to do this with caution because not every professor appreciates this.

Heavy sourcing basically means quoting many sources throughout your paper. It can be really good because the sources might be able to say something better than you can phrase it yourself.

For a regular essay, you will need to include sources to make it good, but there is such a thing as too many.

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