7805 voltage regulator for your design

This is the most common voltage regulator that is still used in embedded designs. The LM7805 voltage regulator is a linear regulator made by several manufacturers like Fairchild or ST Microelectronics. They can come in several types of packages. For output current up to 1A, there may be two types of packages: TO-220 (vertical) and D-PAK (horizontal).

With a proper heat sink, these LM78xx types can handle even more than 1A current. They also have Thermal overload protection, Short circuit protection.

If your design doesn’t exceed your current level of 0.1A, you may choose regulator LM78L05 with smaller packages and a lower maximum current up to 0.1A. They come in three main types of packages SO-8, SOT-89 and TO-92

PartOutput (V)Input range (V)

Typical Connection is very simple:

Couple decoupling capacitors (between 10 uF and 47 uF) are required on the input (V-IN) and output (V-OUT) connected to the ground.

There are negative voltage regulators that work the same way. They are marked as LM79xx.


  1. IT’s one of the most famous regulator IC to make the ripple in wave form smooth.when u convert AC to DC u need to use like this IC to regulate the voltage and current.78 mean that it works with + polarity and 05 means it produce +5 volts for u regulated and without ripple.if u want to have the higher voltage u should use 7805,7806.7812,78XX……and for the negative polarity use 7905,7912,…
    79XX is positive type

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