7 Ways Text Messaging Can Improve HR Functions

Effective HR communication tools can ultimately make your business open enrolment plans more approachable and effective. Here, you can use the text messages in your company, which have a nearly 90 percent read rate in just three minutes of delivery. Introduce texting to enhance HR in your business for the best results.

text messaging

How do you efficiently communicate benefits and policies to your employees during crucial periods like new recruitment orientation or open enrollment?

Many companies are already using email and other conventional means of communication. But, smarter organizations leverage text messages to link up with their employees. The following are 7 ways that text messaging can improve HR functions in your company, too.                     

1. Streamline HR Procedures

Human resources procedures can be time-consuming and tedious. To cut these processes, give your HR department robust aid, use SMS, and improve your human resources strategy.

Even a study discovered that 60 percent of HR teams use texting as the most universal, attention-grabbing, and instant communication form. 

2. Onboarding Employees 

Texting to enhance HR can start on the first day of employees with a warm welcome and introduction text. Make them prepare even before they step on your campus by sending them their first-day schedule right a few days before they start. 

3. Easily Make Last-Minute Announcements 

You can save time informing employees of policy changes and important updates through SMS. You can be sure that your employees have seen your messages if you use a proper texting solution that is short and easy to understand.

4. Communicate with Applicants Quicker

Time is crucial for the competitive talent market. With present-day low unemployment rates, the success of your business depends on how swiftly you can secure the talent you require. Texts are briefer than emails, and your HR team will need less time to send them. 

5. Reminders 

Your HR team can set your candidates up for success with a swift text detailing important information for their forthcoming phone screen or interview. It will help the HR team and the candidate to be on the same page and ready-to-go. 

Moreover, once you drop a text message reminder to your employees, they cannot make an excuse for their absence in an important meeting or program. Hence, you can be sure that all your employees attend all the company meetings and events.

6. Employee Benefits 

A study states that 40 percent of employees mention that they hardly know anything about their HR benefits. Here, you can send important updates about employee benefits through texting. It will catch their attention. 

Moreover, since benefit information mostly takes more than 140 characters to clarify, the HR team can link a detailed description or a form in the text message.

7. Payroll 

Payday can be demanding, and hence, your HR team can send a text message to employees as reminders to fill out timesheets and direct deposit notifications. Furthermore, you can even allow your employees to text in their disputes and inconsistencies.

To sum up, with a texting tool, your human resource team can easily reach employees and everyone in the organization. Hence, introducing texting to enhance HR is a powerful strategy for your company.  

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