7 Best Small-Business Apps in 2018

The modern business world is defined by speed and dynamism. Small business owners are often caught up in various challenges of different scales which they must solve in order to grow the business. As a small business operator, you will be expected to not only find the best way to run your business but to also look for ways to manage daily operations. The current world is anchored on technology. Using tech tools is thus the best way to ensure a smooth journey in your business. One of the most important tools you can use in the modern day is an app. Applications are crucial whether you are analyzing data, sending messages, organizing your work, or doing any other kind of office work. There are many great apps for small businesses. The following are the seven best small business apps in 2018.

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1. Quickbooks

Starting off with financial software, this application is the go-to option when you want to manage your finances without much hassle. The program incorporates many different tools that allow you to track the expenditure, sales, and invoices among many other things. The software allows you to connect a plethora of accounts thus making it easy to manage all your funds from one central point. It is also available on cloud and QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting is one of the widely used versions of Quickbooks. The application is available on all popular platforms including Android, Windows and iOS platforms.

2. RescueTime

This application is crucial for every small business. Most times, time management is the primary challenge when it comes to achieving business goals. RescueTime allows entrepreneurs to track the time that they are spending on particular websites, applications, and other programs. If you are involved in the forex realm, this application will particularly be useful for your own time management plans. The application has many different tools and it is available on all the major mobile and PC platforms.

3. Slack

Slack is one of the most used applications in the small business world. This application has been on the market for a number of years and it has completely transformed the way teams do their work. Slack allows you to effectively manage and organize your teams through an efficient communication platform. You can also share documents, images and other files via the application. Slack also allows you to send private messages to team members and the best part is that you can connect with as many people as you want on the app.

4. Skype

When it comes to professional communication, Skype has been at the apex for many years. This app, which is available on multiple platforms, allows you to make video calls and share other kinds of messages with your contacts. The most vital part of the app is that it does video conferencing exceptionally well. The app will thus be essential for your business communication needs. Recently Microsoft has launched Teams application which is considered as an alternative to Skype. Learn more about Teams Tenant to Tenant Migration.

5. PayPal

PayPal is one of the biggest payment platforms available today. This application has been evolving over the years and it has gained a great reputation on the market. PayPal recently launched a service that allows small businesses to receive payments on the go. Considering the security and features that come with PayPal, it will definitely be a great option for your business especially if you depend on small payments on a continuous basis. PayPal is available via the web and many other platforms.

6. Proven

This application is one of the best when it comes to organizing your resources. Small businesses depend on the skills of other people. Since there is not enough capital to create big HR departments though, issues like hiring and listing jobs become a challenge to small businesses. Proven allows you to send job listings to a plethora of job boards and also sort applications quickly via a single platform. If you have constant hiring needs, this application will be your number on human resource management tool.

7. Dropbox

Finally, you can not underestimate the power of Dropbox. This application has been around for several years and it has remained to be the go-to option for storage needs. Small businesses around the world prefer Dropbox because of its simplicity and generous storage features. Dropbox not only offers a great solution for storing files in the cloud but it also gives travellers a peace of mind. You can access your files from the application or the web from anywhere and at any time.

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