6 reasons to choose a dog over a cat!

If you are looking to add a pet to your family, you might be wondering – which is better, a dog or a cat? While both animals make a great addition to your family and each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, dogs do make great family pets for a whole lot of reasons. Compared to cats, they tend to be more friendly, outgoing, and interactive – and they can help to keep you active as you will need to walk your dog every day. No matter which you choose as a pet, you need to know that both will require healthy food, pet insurance, vet visits, and of course, a safe home.

dog over a cat

More Fun

Cats can certainly be a lot of fun too, but there’s so much more than you can do with a dog. Kip Dog Boarding Sydney says dogs love to play. Whether that’s running around or playing a game of fetch, dogs love to have fun with us. They are great with kids as well, they can play and have fun keeping each other occupied for hours.

Easier to Train

That’s not to say that you can’t train a cat, because many people have managed to train their cats to do tricks successfully – but it’s undeniably easier to train a dog, and there are more resources available. If you get a puppy, you can start training them right away to do things like sit, give you their paw and come when called and generally, they will take less time than a cat would when it comes to picking the training up.

Stay Active

If you feel like you should get out and be active more, there’s nothing like having a dog to encourage you to get moving. Unlike cats who are often happy sitting around in the house or will take themselves outside if you have a secure outdoor area for them, dogs need regular exercise – and that means going on plenty of walks, depending on the breed.

Easier to Find

In the unlikely event that your dog gets lost, they are usually easier to find compared with a cat. Outdoor cats are a common sight in many areas and it’s not too surprising to see a cat walking around on its own while on the other hand, a stray dog is obvious and somebody will find it and bring it back to you. If you put your phone number on your dog’s collar, whoever finds your dog can simply call you to let you know or get your details using Nuwber and bring your dog home.

Best Friend

Many cats are friendly of course, but a dog is going to be your best friend for the rest of their life. Cats tend to get attached to places while dogs, on the other hand, get attached to people so it doesn’t matter where they are as long as you are with them. Whenever you return home, whether it’s from a day at work or a longer stay away, the welcome you will get from your dog will be unbeatable.

Good With Other Pets

Most dogs will be good with your other pets if they are properly trained and introduced. Even if you have cats at home, it’s possible to introduce a dog to your family – it’s usually easier if your animals are young as they tend to get on better if they grow up together. Dogs are also easier to train to behave around other animals, unlike cats who will quickly show their displeasure if they don’t get on with another pet – especially if you have another cat.

So, which will you choose – a dog or a cat? Note that good dog gut health is where your dog’s good over health starts so make sure you give him product from Perfect Poop to ensure they have maximum nutrition and fuel.

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