6-Figure Salary Careers & How to Get Into One

What do actuaries, petroleum engineers, and software developers have in common? If you answered “They all earn really high salaries,” you are correct.

More specifically, these three careers all pay an average of six figures annually. Actuaries average almost $103,000 a year, petroleum engineers bring in $137,000 annually, and software developers are right in the $106,000 range.

Of course, these are not the only careers that offer six-figure salaries. Anesthesiologists, dentists, financial managers, and OB/GYNs typically earn this amount, as do many jobs in the science industry, including a specialist biologist, senior geophysicist, senior nuclear engineer, and head medical physicist.

In addition to going through the specific schooling and training required for these jobs and others, some general words of advice can help people get the high-paying careers they desire. 

Earn an MBA

You can land a six-figure salary by going back to school to earn an MBA. As Seattle University notes, the average salary of MBA graduates is as high as $134,991. Of course, the MBA graduate salary does depend on what specific industry a person works in; for instance, an executive director for a non-profit will probably earn closer to $87,000, whereas someone in an energy-related field, health care, or real estate will often land the coveted six-figures. 

If well-meaning friends and family suggest that your current level of education is adequate, you can respond by asking them, “Maybe, but what is the average salary of an MBA graduate?” and then fill everyone in — that should have them supporting your plans in no time.

Career assessment 

It’s easy to get confused among various career options. It would be better to discover new job opportunities as per your personality traits. So it is a good idea to undergo a career test and find out where your real strength lies.
This has become a primary step among job seekers while exploring various career options. And the best part, you can make as much money as you want. All you have to do is work hard and the money will follow.

Become an Expert in Your Chosen Career

Another effective way to earn a high salary is to become an expert in your field. Ways to do this include speaking at industry conferences about your work, launching a YouTube channel where you post informative videos, becoming a guest on podcasts that discuss your line of work, and working as a consultant. These approaches will allow you to market yourself as an expert, which should make you an attractive candidate to company owners looking to fill high-paying positions.

Work Your Way Up

While some careers tend to pay six figures right off the bat, others will over time. For instance, you may find a job that you love, and that requires you to climb the corporate ladder for a while until you reach your targeted salary amount. A great example of this would be an entry-level science job working under more experienced scientists. Over time, you will learn more skills and gain more knowledge, gradually earning more raises and responsibilities until you get to the holy grail of six figures. 

Adopt a can-do attitude of perseverance and, if you like the work you are doing and see ways to advance, stick with it to reach the salary you want. One additional tip: before you take the entry-level job, don’t be afraid to negotiate a higher starting salary politely. Oftentimes what you are quoted will be a lower amount than the job is worth; if you know the position typically pays more, it will not hurt to ask for more.

You Have What It Takes

Earning six figures does not have to be a pipe dream. Knowing what types of jobs typically pay this amount and then taking tangible steps, either through earning an MBA, becoming an expert, or working your way up in your company, you will someday be earning the high salary you want and deserve.

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