6 Essential Gear Items for Every Newbie Photographer

Most people might think that photography is a costly profession, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Of course, we all know that photographers need some specific gadgets to make their work more comfortable, but there are still ways to escape some of the costs incurred in these gadgets.

However, having all the photography gear is essential, but buying all the gear items won’t make your work any more accessible or better. If you are a newbie photographer, we have listed the essential gears that can help you reduce cost and have the best photography results. When you have mastered the art of photography, you can then invest in more expensive photography gear.

What are the essential gears for a newbie photographer? If you already have the perfect camera and some great post-processing tools like Luminar (I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss creating amazing photos with double exposure effects), here are some other gears you need as a newbie to make you look like a professional.

1. External Flash (Speedlight)

A flash is one of the first gear every newbie photographer should get his or her hands on. Even if you don’t plan on taking night shots, owning an external flash is still as essential as ever. You can’t trust your built-in camera flashlight to give you all the light you need for your night shots; buying an external flash is an intelligent and super-clever idea. Spending a small amount of money in external flash always end up being a great investment.

2. Remote Shutter Release

A remote shutter release is an essential gear for all newbies, as it allows you to take great shots even without touching the camera. A remote shutter release helps eliminate the possibility of a blur shot or camera shake. You will find that this gear is commonly used with a tripod by most photographic professionals.

The remote shutter release is of two different types – wired and wireless. As a newbie, both types of remote shutter releases are recommended. However, other advanced remotes come with LCD screens, half-press support, and built-in timers.

This essential camera gear for newbie photography comes with a lot of benefits. However, one should know that buying a remote depends on the type of camera you will be using (Sony, Canon, Pentax, Nikon, etc.).

3. Prime Lens

Owning a prime lens only applies to those with an interchangeable lens system. In essence, only photographers with mirrorless and DSLRs cameras can use a prime lens.

As you make advances in your photography profession, you will get to discover and learn about many different types of lenses that allow you to take great shots. However, before exploring other types of lenses, the prime lens is the best type of lens for a newbie.

A prime lens does not have a zooming capacity. As a newbie, the inability to zoom your shots will help you master the different types of composition techniques. With a prime lens, you will focus more on how to balance your camera and take more decent shots, which will help you develop in skills and otherwise.

The cheapest lenses for Nikon and Canon users are the 50mm f/1.8 prime lens, and it is super-great for all newbies. Nevertheless, if you own a camera with a crop sensor (primarily found in mirrorless and DSLRs cameras) and if you have the resources to invest more on your photographic hobby, then the 35mm prime lens is recommended due to its flexibility.

4. Camera Tripod

There are only a few camera gears that are as important as a tripod. Whether you plan on shooting a wedding, night, landscape, portrait, or even street photography, a tripod will definitely come to play at some point.

A camera tripod is essential as it allows you to take great shots without worrying about a camera shake. Tripods also help with long-exposure shots. You will find the stability provided by a tripod to be essential for night-time selfies and night sky shots.

If you are a newbie, you can always get a cheap tripod. You can get an inexpensive tripod, as it will allow you to learn more about tripods and how to use them. As a newbie, having a cheap tripod will also enable you to try out new things and positions without getting worried about it getting dirty or broken.

5. AA Batteries + Battery Charger

As soon as you invest in external flash units, you will start running low on battery regularly. Therefore, buying AAA batteries and some pairs of battery chargers will set you on the right track. These rechargeable batteries will help ensure you stay up and running even while using an external flash.

You will find the AA Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries to be very reliable and trusted. Most professionals have used the La Crosse BC-700 Alpha Charger, and they have benefited from it.

6. Camera Cleaning Kit

You won’t find any camera gear as necessary as the camera cleaning kit. As we all know it, moisture, dirt, and dust can find their way into the body, accessories, or lens of a camera – and in worst cases, your expensive and effective lenses and camera may end up suffering from severe damage. Owning a camera cleaning kit is crucial as it will help you clean and maintain your camera and other accessories whenever they get dusty or moist.

Unluckily, having a professional camera cleaning services can be very costly, and for this reason, learning how to clean and maintain your camera yourself is very important. However, don’t hesitate to visit a professional whenever you can’t handle your camera cleaning.

The bestselling camera cleaning kit is the Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit. This cleaning kit is accompanied by all the essential bits, such as air blower, cleaning solution, microfiber cloths, and many others.

As a newbie, investing in the essential camera gears is a good idea – try one of these gears today.

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