5 Tips for MIG Welding Aluminium for Beginners

Mechanics will often find themselves regularly using welders. Many people at home, who enjoy their DIY, will also be interested in investing in a MIG Welder. Aluminium is tough to meld, but it is a very versatile metal.

MIG Welding Aluminium

Before using a MIG welder, you should do your research and have someone show you how to use one safely. Sparks will fly from them, so wear proper face protection and gloves. If you’re new to using an aluminium MIG welder, then we’ve outlined a few basics below to get you started.

Where to Buy One

If you’re self-employed and you require a decent aluminium MIG welder, then look online and get one delivered to your door. They can vary in price, and different types will weld different thicknesses of steel.  You can weld vertically, downward, or horizontally with smaller welders that are easy to transport.

Consider Travel Speed

You will need a faster speed (around double) when welding aluminium, but use the same voltage setting as milder steel.  The speed might feel uncomfortable, to begin with, so take time to practice on pieces of work you’re not so precious about ruining. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Keep it Clean

Always clean the aluminium before you begin to weld the pieces together. After you degrease, make sure to use oxide removal. Remember to do this before you begin to weld. You can do this using a wire brush that is used on aluminium only. Keep your work area clean and organized to avoid any hazards when you’re welding.

Push Not Pull

Aluminium welding works best when you push away from yourself rather than pull. Hold it nearly vertically so you weld into it rather than away. If you use this technique, the job will look much more professional and cleaner. Take your time and know what you’re doing before you begin to weld.

Remember Safety

Now you’ve got your welder and aluminium, and you’ve got to go through a checklist before you begin. Sparks will fly, so clear your workplace to ensure that nothing will set fire. Turn on and adjust your helmet, as you should be using auto-darkening headwear. Check if you’ve got all the correct PPE, such as welding gloves and steel toe boots. Remember to look after your back when welding.

Final Words

If you’re new to using an aluminium welder, don’t be shy to ask for help from your colleagues or friends. You must be comfortable and have the correct knowledge before you begin to weld the material. Many experienced welders would be more than happy to pass on their tips and tricks.

It takes time to achieve a professional finish, so keep practising and don’t feel disappointed with how your first weld looks. There are multiple YouTube videos to watch or welding courses to join that will improve your technique. Welding aluminium is hard to master, which means it’s incredibly satisfying once you get it right!

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