5 Tips for Choosing the Best Career Based on Your Personality

Work is a necessary part of life.

It enables individuals to survive and thrive by providing value to their employers or themselves in the case of a self-owned business. In addition to financial stability, working can also provide much-needed personal fulfillment.

choosing career

Choosing a career is an exciting prospect, but it can be overwhelming if you do not know where to begin. The best way to choose a career that is perfect for you is to factor your personality into the decision-making process.

After all, if you work 40 hours a week until you turn 65, you will work a little over 90,000 hours in your life – so be sure to consider all the aspects of your decision carefully.

Below are five tips for choosing the best career based on your personality:

Identify Your Strengths

Everyone likes to feel like they are good at something.

Even if your passion is to learn new things, you will naturally be more comfortable performing tasks that you excel at. Being good at something triggers a chemical reaction in our brains and we are rewarded with extra doses of feel-good hormones.

Your strengths are not always the things you are good at, in most cases your strengths will energize you and make you feel pumped. For example, you might be good at accounting, but it does not thrill you, whereas painting a portrait might leave you feeling excited to do it again.

Figure out what your strengths are and play to them.

Identify Your Weaknesses

Knowing what your weaknesses are is crucial to building the right career.

If you are not naturally a patient person, teaching jobs will likely not be for you. Identifying your weaknesses requires honesty and self-awareness. Weaknesses are not something to be ashamed of, they are an opportunity to better yourself to do a better job.

Focus on improving your weaknesses based on your personality type with dogged determination and you will be sure to succeed on your chosen career path.

Identify Your Goals

A person’s ability to set goals (and achieve them) is influenced by their personality type.

People who are naturally less ambitious or driven will have a tough time motivating themselves to achieve more. The best part of doing a career assessment is getting the chance to know what your work goals could be.

Knowing what you value most when it comes to finding the perfect job will go a long way in helping you recognize what your career goals should be.

Consider Your Interests

If you do not know if you are introverted or extroverted, you can use your interests and hobbies to help you identify that specific personality trait.

If you enjoy quiet time and reading, there is a good chance that you are introverted. Extroverted people are more likely to thrive in a social and customer-centric business.

Understand Your Options

If your personality is not well-matched to your career path, the impact on your overall performance will likely be significant.

If your personality traits and job requirements are not aligned, you will struggle to engage at work and experience much lower job satisfaction.

To End

Figuring out your personality type will help you find the best career opportunities for your needs. Do not be afraid to get assessed – the quicker you do, the faster you can start the perfect job!

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