5 Reasons To Pursue A Career In Health Administration

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. This can be credited to the increased concern people are now showing for physical and mental well-being. Being a part of a rapidly growing industry proposes many instances and opportunities for you to succeed.


Healthcare administration is a great way of integrating managerial skills with patient concerns to improve the overall healthcare facilities you can provide. A comprehensive experience and a good academic background in the field can make you the perfect fit for a healthcare administrator.

Today healthcare administrators are an integral part of the healthcare industry and facilitate healthcare workers in ways beyond measure. Healthcare administrators also have job security, a chance to make a difference in millions of lives, and a respectable salary.

If you are looking into pursuing a career in healthcare administration, then here are all the reasons why this is going to be the best decision of your life. Without further ado, let us get straight to the topic.

1. Opens A World Of Opportunities

Getting a degree in healthcare administration can add a lot to your portfolio. It adds value to your profile and makes you a great candidate for many managerial jobs in a healthcare facility.

For example, pursuing healthcare administration will help you pursue a position in health service management. So, what is health service management? It involves managing a medical facility’s day-to-day operations and overall productivity. A health service manager overlooks one department and ensures everything is happening according to a standard protocol. It is a very rewarding field and helps you grow a lot in your career.

As a healthcare administrator, you can also work in clinics, group practices, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation centers, elder-care facilities, mental health facilities, and neonatal care facilities.

Moreover, you are also eligible for lucrative job openings at healthcare suppliers, health insurance firms, healthcare maintenance, and healthcare policymaker firms.

There are several opportunities you can tap into as a healthcare administrator. You must ensure that you do your research and have the confidence to do it. We recommend going for a job that aligns with your personality traits, i.e., if you prefer working in smaller and calmer settings, go for a clinic, but if you like working in a bustling and large environment, go for a hospital.

2. Incredible Growth

As we stated earlier, the healthcare industry is growing in the US. Being a part of an industry that is growing is a wise decision. This is because it will offer a lot of growth opportunities for you.

As stated in the first point, it helps develop leadership and advanced potential and opens many doors for you. There is a lot of room for self-improvement, and it will help you make a lot of difference in the organization and community.

Even if you get an entry-level position in this field, you’ll be promoted to first-line and middle-level management in a couple of years. All of it depends completely depends on your work ethic and dedication. After that, the path to senior management is relatively easy and very much attainable.

With hundreds of good job openings in the market and an industry that will only grow, your chances of growth are limitless.

3. Excellent Income Potential

According to Payscale, the average base salary for a healthcare administrator is $74,500. The upward potential of this salary reaches from $117,000 to $121,000 (up to $200,000). This is thought to grow in the coming years.

For graduate students, the starting salaries range from $50,000 to $100,000 and completely depend on prior education, experience, and skill set. However, for senior healthcare administrators, you can earn $200,000 or, sometimes, even more, depending on which state you are working in.

Healthcare administrators are valued a lot in any organization. They have hence compensated accordingly.

A healthcare administrator’s job description touches many technical and managerial aspects and is often considered multi-functional. If you have a good grip on all the functions you are to perform, then you are more than eligible for great benefits.

We recommend doing a few internships after getting a professional degree in healthcare administration. This will help you broaden your horizons and add to your skillset and portfolio. The more skills you have, the more eligible you’ll be for the job.

4. Make A Difference For The Patients

Remember, it isn’t just healthcare providers that make a difference in a patient’s life. Healthcare administrators are the backbone of the entire healthcare system. They provide the environment and conditions where a doctor or a nurse can perform well.

They ensure that everything happens according to the SOPs and that all operations run smoothly. Every day is a new struggle for healthcare administrators to ensure that the facility they work in does everything possible to ensure that patients enjoy high-quality care.

As a healthcare provider, you’ll have the chance to impact hundreds of lives simultaneously. Make this opportunity count and serve your community the best you can.

5. Respectable Member of The Community

In continuation of the last point, we’ll point out that a healthcare administrator is a respectable community member. There is a good reason behind it. They are the literal facilitators in ensuring that the community leads a healthy life.

As a healthcare administrator, your role is not limited to just a medical facility; you’ll be a public face of society. Your reputation and position will urge you to do good for the community. You can sponsor instrumental movements and events in the community to raise awareness about pressing issues.

Moreover, you might be responsible for ensuring that the livelihood of all the staff working under you is well-compensated and for protecting their livelihood.

Bottom Line

A career in healthcare administration is incredibly rewarding. You have access to a world of opportunities, a good growth potential, and an excellent salary, and you can impact thousands of lives. You get to impact the community you work in and provide state-of-the-art facilities for patients and the like.

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