5 Reasons to Go for Political Science Major

Is it vital for you to keep abreast of the latest developments around the globe? Do you like to follow critical issues such as public policy, globalization, environment protection, civil rights, immigration? Are you interested in theories and concepts regarding the formation of the ideal government? Would you like to understand how power and resources are allocated between the members of society? Or maybe you want to figure out how did some nations succeed at building strong democracies, while others failed.


Political science has all the answers you’ve been looking for. It brings together law, history, sociology, psychology, political philosophy, and economics. All those bits are wrapped in scientific reasoning and delivered as one big package that is crucial for understanding cutting-edge world’s issues. If you decide to pick politics as your major, it will bring you multiple benefits.

Master the Intricacies of the U.S. Political Systems

Politics delves into the study of the ways societies are organized and the principles defining how people, individually or as part of a group, negotiate leadership and power. It also concerns the procedures and activities governments, law-making organizations, or communities utilize to influence the way the nation-state is functioning.

As a political science major, you will gain a profound and substantive understanding of integral aspects of the American political system, both locally in cities, counties, states, and nationwide with the federal government. You will become an expert on the ways various legal institutions that comprise the country operate and how they relate to one another.

See the Global Picture

International relations is one of the constituent parts of any degree program in political science. It will take you beyond the U.S. domestic affairs, providing some valuable insights into understanding the complex arena of contemporary world politics. You will get the grasp of multiple political traditions that have shaped present-day foreign governmental models, and the implications they have on the constantly shifting balance of international powers.

Global politics classes cover the topics related to the role of international organizations and non-governmental institutions, such as large corporations, in setting the trajectory of national policies of individual states. They also help to see the connections between political movements in different regions and how they affect the state of the global economy, boost international law changes, and promote social justice and equality.

Get to Win Any Argument

Studying for a politics degree is like participating in a non-stop oratory workshop. There will be tons of group project presentations and class discussions, where you’ll be able to practice various strategies of getting your point across. As politics is a battle of wills, you’ll have to master the art of crafting a compelling and persuasive speech, defending your arguments in the face of criticism and undermining your opponents’ position. You’ll also learn how to explicitly communicate complex matters to your primary audience and improve the impact of your message in both content and delivery.

On top of that, political science education will prepare you to think critically and independently. It will provide you with the essential toolkit for developing strong reading comprehension, research, analytical, and data skills. Those proficiencies are ‘the world elephants’ that support productive written communication, a must for many industries. Political science program requires students to write essays, reports, and research papers to enhance their skills in this area. Working on analytical writing assignments is pretty time-consuming, so you can turn to ‘do my assignment‘ writing service to cope with such a plethora of tasks.

Become an Agent of Change

Political science underlines the importance of the active participation of citizens in the decision-making process. As more and more people are becoming politically engaged, they will seek leaders that can guide them through the ins and outs of the government system. So you will have a chance to be at the forefront of political transformations and help to accelerate the changes that arise within the society.

High Employment Potential

Majoring in political science can take you on various career routes. If you choose a politics path, you can qualify for a legislative assistant, diplomat, campaign manager, or political adviser jobs. Many newly-minted specialists with political science degree decide to build their career in government service. Positions vary widely from city council representatives, federal agency employees to elected deputies, like county executives or state legislators. Working in this field may even one day bring you to the governor’s mansion. So not surprisingly, political science is the most popular major among U.S. governors.

Political science students can also go on to work in the business as marketing research analysts, management consultants, public relations specialists, and social media managers. They might as well take a somewhat unconventional route and seek employment in media, where they can bring extra attention to current events and raise public awareness.

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