5 Online Tools to Protect Yourself from Cyber Criminals Online

With technological advancements, the world has become a small place to live in. And so vulnerabilities have come a tad bit closer. Your data holds the integrity of your identity. The passwords to your essentials, your bank details are some things that must not be compromised. When you are authorized upon the company’s policy records, your professional ethics stay at stake.

Protect Yourself from Cyber Criminals Online

The data shared over the network is under the threat of data infringement by various companies looking for ulterior motives. These companies go through your browsing history to use your digital footprints—different governmental organizations lookout for such trails to get access to your income or spying purposes. However, taking care of certain aspects can quickly secure you from such conspiracies. Below are some such tools that ensure data privacy:

Telegram Messenger

When you talk about a messenger, WhatsApp is what comes to your mind. However, one of the underrated messenger tools which are rarely talked about is the Telegram messenger. With its system tried and tested over encryption measures by the experts in the field, telegram offers security that none of the messenger platforms might offer. The end-to-end encryption being seal tight makes this a tool of value to keep your data safe from cyberpunks.


Some malicious groups are looking to trace down your digital trails through your IP address for any online surfing that you do. When you are connected to public Wi-Fi, your data can be easily accessed by hackers who can manipulate and misuse it, making you susceptible to harm. To keep your data safe, you can protect yourself with a VPN as it creates a Virtual Private Network which is an ‘encrypted tunnel’ through which your data packets get through.


For freelancers, it is of utmost importance that companies and employers know you. For this 2ndLine is the tool for you. This app can save you from being harassed by pestering phone calls because the app provides you with a different phone number to switch to when you wish to look for business. Thus, keeping your usual phone number private and related data secure. As a result, you do not need to keep worrying about your mobile number being used by hackers.


Quite often, remembering passwords and login details can be a task. Also, you may forget your  ID cards or driving licenses in physical form. You can easily store your private documents, passwords to various accounts, all in one place. This helps you maintain an organized collection of your most essential belongings safely. Furthermore, this application also acts as a password generator, helping you build strong and authentic passwords that might not be easily broken through.


When you install an application to your device, you must have allowed access to many apps, unaware of the harm they could pose. Bouncer allows mitigating these risks by preventing apps from accessing more than required data on your behalf. This helps prevent potential data thefts; as a result, to keep privacy into the foresight. It does not allow the apps to access your data in the background, as most robberies occur in background processes.


When you talk about security, the data you protect holds your most integral aspects. So, making sure that a process is followed which ensures security measures are followed is essential. Using tools that do not go through your data, safeguards it from potential harm must be practiced. After all, your security is your responsibility, and you can not take it for granted. Browse freely, but take care of yourself in the process.

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