5 Creative Voice Tech Applications

Applications using voice technology are increasingly becoming popular in the modern-day society. Developers are working hard to make technological innovations meant to improve people’s everyday lives. Using voice technology today, you can learn about your community, send an email, buy movie tickets, and much more tasks through speaking to your smartphone. The following are some of the most creative apps of voice technology.

Siri Assistant App

The app runs on iOS mobile operating system and was developed by Apple. It works as a personal assistant app for knowledge and navigation. The most innovative feature of the app is that it uses natural language user interface to perform various tasks such as making recommendations, searching the web, answering questions, and making phone calls. The creative use of natural language ensures the user doesn’t have to remember particular keywords and phrases. In addition, Apple assured its users that the app uses a cloud-based voice recognition technology to analyze commands, process and interpret voice collected from the cloud.


Skyvi app is enabled with capabilities to give results on everything from the local business to worldwide celebrities. The app has all the capabilities just like the other voice-tech apps, but it delivers more specific results and more ways to interact with your phone. For instance, apart from the usual voice capabilities. The app can help the user to find friends and update the social media sites simply by speaking to the phone. Key features include fun chats, fast find and call places, voice texting, getting directions, playing music, and text by voice, among others.

Ford Sync

It is a mobile communication app used within your car. The app is only available for selected vehicles by different manufacturers. Since the app is integrated into a vehicle’s entertainment and communication system, it only allows users to control the music system, make hand-free calls, find info on weather conditions, and other limited functions using voice commands. The first generations of the app were MyFord and Ford Sync, which are only supported by Microsoft’s Windows Automotive operating system. The latest generation of the app is Sync 3, which runs on BlackBerry’s QNX software. The app does not support natural language as compared to the other latest voice-tech apps.


Vlingo voice application turns your words into action. The app combines voice-to-text technology and intent engine to command your smartphone to complete the specified actions. After downloading and installing the Vlingo app, your next move is to speak to the phone and wait for the phone to execute the commands. Another way is to type the command into the action bar and wait for the response. The app is quite useful, especially when you are looking for directions for a friend, driving and sending a quick text to your wife, or perhaps wanting to find the nearest fueling station using maps and directions. The app is very effective in multitasking and connecting to friends, workmates, family, business and activities that are important to you.

Dragon Mobile Assistant App

One of the most disturbing problems for mobile phone users is identity fraud which has become a threat to many individuals and corporations. This has necessitated developers to not only focus on entertainment voice-tech apps but also apps that are meant to protect the identity of mobile phone users. Dragon Mobile Assistant is one of the apps meant for this purpose. The app uses stored voice biometrics to combat fraud. For instance, the app can be used to create audio voiceprints, which are then attached to an individual’s name and account. The app can then be used to identify caller’s voice if the voice and person’s information is stored in the central database.

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