5 Best Arena Blessings in Raid Shadow Legends

In Raid Shadow Legends, Blessings are powerful upgrades for your Champions. These blessings are divided into three tiers: Rare, Epic and Legendary.

You can only have one active blessing per champion in this game. Since the champions in this game are divided into rarities, here’s how blessings work for them: Rare champions can only use rare blessings. Epic champions can use rare and epic blessings, not legendary ones. Finally, Raid Shadow Legends Legendary champions can use all the blessings.

These blessings also belong to something called divinity, which is light, dark, war and chaos.

Now that we’ve understood the basics of blessings, let us now take a look at the 5 best arena blessings in Raid Shadow Legends.

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Let’s get back to our guide.

Intimidating Presence

This blessing will strengthen your team’s aura and, at the same time, weaken the enemy team’s aura. By level 6, this blessing will strengthen your team’s aura by 35% and weaken the enemy’s aura by 20%.

You must only have one active Intimidating Presence in the team. If multiple champions from the same team use this blessing, only one of them will work.

Temporal Chains

Temporal Chains will decrease the enemies’ SPD based on every active buff they currently have. The buffs placed at the start of the round do not account for the SPD reduction.

This is a great blessing for the arena, as it slows down the enemy based on the buffs they have. By level 5, it decreases the enemy’s SPD by 5% for each buff, and at level 6, it instantly decreases the turn meter of all the enemies by 15%.

This blessing can be countered by using the Stoneskin set.

Ward of the Fallen

When you have this blessing active, you start off the round with 1 armor. This armor decreases the incoming damage and then consumes it. This will stack up to 3 times. You also deal bonus damage based on the number of dead allies at high awakening.

The armor you receive is bone armor, and this blessing is also great to use in Clan Boss and Dungeons.

By level 6, you will start the round with 3 bone armor stacks

Life Harvest

Use this blessing to destroy enemies’ MAX HP by a portion whenever they are revived. After awakening, this will also fill your turn meter for each enemy revived. This is a great blessing to have on your team, especially when you’re against a heavy-reviving team. You also get the bonus of filling your turn meter, making this an S-Tier blessing for Arena.

The maximum portion you can destroy is capped at 60%. By level 6, you will destroy 40% MAX HP and fill 30% of your turn meter.


Finally, we have Polymorph. This blessing is so busted that almost every Raid player hates it but they are more or less forced to use it because it is so overpowered.

This blessing allows you to place the sheep debuff on an enemy for 2 turns whenever they place debuffs on you or try to remove or steal your buffs.

Enemies under the sheep debuff will lose their ability to attack and will have a set speed of 150. Once the debuff expires and the enemy returns to normal, they will only have 50% of their HP and lose all their buffs.

By level 6, you get a 20% chance of placing this buff and longer need accuracy.

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