4 Construction Technology Innovations Enhancing Productivity

There’s no way around it; technology has to be implemented into any job site today. And yes, this includes the construction industry.

In recent years, however, this trend has taken off, and more and more crews are implementing the latest technologies to help improve their overall efficiency and on-site safety as well. These are a few of the innovations which are helping to enhance productivity and improve safety for workers.

Smart Safety Goggles

Personal protective equipment has made its way onto construction sites. These are helping to improve safety and also productivity. When workers know their eyes and body are safe, they aren’t as reluctant to tackle specific challenging projects. These technologies not only protect the eyes, but they feature

  • Embedded cameras
  • Projected screens
  • Wi-fi access
  • Bluetooth connectivity

And, several other features. What this allows workers to do is to see the project they’re working on, in more than one light. They can take measurements, make real-time adjustments, and save this information, to ensure errors aren’t made in the future when working on tasks.

They can immediately send this information back to the office so that their managers can review and approve changes. This helps to minimize errors, reduce redundancy, and also ensure the outcome of each project is the best it can possibly be for each client.

Digital Measuring Devices

Spike ike GPS (and other manufactured products), and other laser tracking devices are making it far easier to improve productivity on construction sites. With precise measurements, each and every time, there’s no need to worry about something being .5” off, which will significantly increase errors with other aspects of the project along the way.

In fact, technology has played a central role in many job sites, alongside barricades, traffic cones, and other worksite equipment, for several years now.

Connect with GPS, cameras, compasses, and other measurement devices, these laser precision tools are as accurate as they come in the industry.

This is a great way to ensure the human error is reduced, and it also provides every measurement is exact, regardless of where it is being taken. These devices also track changes, sizes, and share them in real-time, through the latest software that’s being implemented within the construction company’s infrastructure.


Create site plans, contour maps, assess sites, and more. Drones are effective in a manner in which no human can be, no matter how good they are at their job. Drones can take aerial shots and drone videos from above, which makes it easier for managers to modify a project later or edit how they are going to tackle a challenging task on site. Drones can also take shots in 2D, 3D, and 4D models, to help maximize the viewing angles and points for a specific project or plot of land.

Therefore, managers and construction crews can better determine how they will work on a project, how they will levy out tasks to their team, and which manner will best serve the end goal, which is to deliver the best finish possible to their client.

Smart Headsets

These headsets feature

  • User manuals
  • Safety warnings
  • And can link employees with critical information on a job site they’re working on in real-time

Information is synced instantly, so that workers who are wearing the headset, will always know where things lie, and where they should pick up when they are starting on a new task in a project or work environment.

Managers and construction personnel can easily communicate, share, and employees will always know where they should be working, or what information is relevant for them to complete a project when they are working and wearing these headsets on site.

When it is properly utilized, technology can significantly impact how construction sites manage their workers and how employees communicate with one another on-site. It can also help maximize efficiency, reduce waste, and help eliminate redundancies in tasks that are performed throughout the workday on a large job site. For construction crews who are looking for the latest technologies to implement within their team’s infrastructure, these are a few of the many great options which are currently available and can possibly help improve how your team is working together on a site.

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