4 Computer Maintenance Tips That Everyone Must Know

In the digital age of today, the majority of us depend on our desktop and laptop computers for most of our needs. However, not unlike an automobile, such devices need to be maintained not only to improve longevity and allow the device to perform as efficiently as it should, but also to protect critical data like personal and financial information. So in an effort to minimize the risks of encountering any problems with your computer, I’ve listed a few essential maintenance tips to keep in mind.

computer maintenance

1. Always defrag your computer

The majority of hard drives have data stored around their spinning platters. And whenever a computer writes the data to the aforementioned drive, it does it in sequentially ordered blocks from one side to another. When the files split off between these blocks, it becomes fragmented. And, in turn, result in poor performance. This is where defragmentation comes into play as it restores the sequential order of the blocks.

It is for this reason that you should make it a habit of defragging your computer, especially after any downloads or installations. And it’s not that challenging to do either, as most modern operating systems usually have a feature that allows its users to schedule the defragmentation process.

2. Clean your computer of dust

Any person who owns or has ever owned a computer knows that these devices are one of the most effective and efficient collectors of dust that are known to man. And apart from being an eyesore and a potential health hazard for those with respiratory conditions, dust can keep computers from venting heat out, which will reduce both lifespan and performance. As such, it’s good practice to clean up the computer every once in a while to prevent dust buildup. It’ll help your system perform better.

3. Scan your computer for malware regularly

Malicious software like adware, ransomware, trojans, and viruses are a concern as these types of intrusive software are not only designed to slow down and break a system, but also for cyberattacks to corrupt and steal pertinent data. And if you want to make sure that your computer remains protected, you must regularly scan your computer with the latest anti-malware tools. Want to get rid of malware on Windows 10 for free? There are plenty of sites that can provide you with a good list of free software.

4. Don’t keep your computer plugged in the entire day 

Keeping a computer plugged in for an extended period of time can damage the system’s hardware, especially if it’s under the stress of high voltage. So after use, make sure that you unplug your system. It may appear to be obvious, but you’ll be surprised at how effective it can be in improving the longevity of the computer.

Taking care of a computer is fairly simple to do. And by following all of the maintenance tips that I’ve listed above, you’ll be able to keep your system performing well and serving you in years to come.

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