3 Simple Methods You Can Use to Download Apple Music to Your Devices

Music has been part of human lives; we listen to it on our happiest days and even in our most boring moments. Before listening to music, using CDs and radios is a little bit inconvenient, especially when we’re not at home. Today, we already have access to any of the songs we like by just a few clicks of our hands; this is because of the successful technological inventions ever made, and one of them is music streaming. Many artists are now using Soundcloud. They usually grow their account by using their UseViral.

Download Apple Music

There are numerous music streaming services available, but Apple Music remains unbeatable. Apple Music has a subscription fee that gives us 50 million songs throughout the globe. The disadvantage is, Apple Music flopped if you’re not connected to the internet. But don’t worry about it, just follow the step-by-step methods on how to download apple music to your device to experience its full potential. 

Get Rid Of DRM Using Apple Music Converter

Many of us wanted to cancel our subscription, but the list of our favorite music hinders us from cancelling it, but don’t lose hope because everything has its way. One of the amazing ways to secure your Apple Music is through using Apple Music Converter. Before anything else, I’d like to notify you that Apple Music is DRM protected, DRM stands for Digital Rights Management; meaning, you can’t use or transfer your list of songs to other devices. 

Once you stop your subscription, all your tracks will be lost. Fortunately, there are lots of software that allow you to remove DRM protection by converting the tunes to MP3. You can use the Apple Music Converter to get rid of DRM protection; it converts your playlist into DRM-free FLAC, ACC, MP3, or WAV format to have your music without any constraint. Moreover, the Apple Music audio quality remains the same, even after the conversion. 

To use the Apple Music Converter, you need to open the browser first and install the Apple Music Converter. Once you’re done installing it, iTunes will automatically show once you run the software. Hit the music playlist located on the left part and choose the songs you want to convert. Once you’re done selecting the songs, proceed to Output Settings and hit the MP3 as the product format.

Immediately click the Convert button to start converting your chosen music into unrestricted audio files. You can check your tracks by clicking the History and then open the Open Output File. By the way, Apple Music Converter is free to download, but it requires you to purchase the software just once; the premium feature is worth $39.95.

Recording Your Apple Music Tracks

If you’re not into converting, recording your Apple Music Tracks is also one of the best methods you can do to keep your music. You can use the Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder to keep your music.

This recording program has been considered one of the best audio recorders since it can record tracks that are playing on your computer. Aside from that, you are also free to select your output audio format. 

To use this software, you need to install it on your Computer; immediately run the program after installing it. You can adjust the settings located on the program’s main window to make things easier for you. Hit the Settings button to see the three tabs; the tabs are General Settings, Recording Settings, and Download Settings. 

In the General Settings, you can create keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation when recording. On the other hand, Record Settings allow you to choose the System Sound option if you want to record Apple Music while streaming them. Always remember that you’re allowed to record your Computer’s audio using the System Sound option. 

The Microphone records your own voice while the Both System Sound and Microphone allows you to record both Computer’s audio and your voice. The next step is identifying the ID3 tags by inputting the song’s name or singer; once you’re done putting the needed information, select the output format, and then record it.  

After changing the Record Settings, proceed to the Download Settings and then set your chosen output directory. And for the finale, play the track and hit the red round button on the screen’s left side to start recording. 

Torrent Download

If you think that Torrenting is not a thing today, you’re definitely wrong! It may not be a great option today since many ways are being made to make things easier, but it doesn’t mean torrents aren’t useful. Downloading files from any torrent site is way easier, but be cautious when installing it since a lot of files contain malware and viruses. 

To download torrent music files to your Apple Music Library, you need to download music files from any torrent sites; if you’re not familiar with torrent sites, you o can try torrent.com. Once you’re done downloading it, right-click the file and choose the Add To Library option and then select the Apple w Music from the given list. 


Apple Music has a price, there’s no doubt about it, and I know you’ve been trying so hard to find the best ways to have it for free. Today is your luckiest day because you can now do what you’ve been planning for too long. Just choose any of the methods above, and follow the given steps one at a time to get things done correctly. 

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