3 Science-Backed Ways That Music Can Be Beneficial To You

If you have a love of music, you’ll be glad to know that not only can listening to or creating music make you feel good in your soul, but it can also have other benefits to your mind and body as well. So if you’re looking for a reason to buy yourself a new piano or spend a full day listening to your favorite tunes, here are three science-backed ways that music can be beneficial to you. 

Give A Boost To Your Memory

Music has been proven to help bolster people’s memories and make certain things easier for people to remember. 

music notes

If you’ve ever needed to remember something that was hard for you to keep track of, you may have put it to a tune so that it was easier for you to remember. This phenomenon can help with recall of information that otherwise might have been extremely challenging for you to remember. In addition to this, if you have something from the past that you’re trying to remember, listening to music that might have been playing during that time can help jog your memory and make those times, feelings, and experiences easier for you to remember back on. 

Help Ease Your Pain

Another great benefit that can come from music is that it can help alleviate pain in some people. 

When people who have been dealing with chronic or acute pain were able to listen to relaxing music, it was found that the level at which they acknowledged their pain was reduced. This can be put into practice whether you have an elderly loved one on palliative care or someone who’s experienced some kind of illness or injury and needs to take their mind off of their pain. Just having something to draw their attention away from their pain and make them feel more relaxed in their current situation can be extremely helpful. 

Make You More Productive

Certain music can also help to make you more productive. 

While music with lyrics can sometimes serve to be a distraction when people are trying to concentrate on something, ambient music can actually help to boost your mood while you’re working on something tedious and help to make you more productive while doing this task. So if you’re having a hard time getting your work done and keep finding yourself getting your attention pulled in all kinds of different directions, try turning on some instrumental or ambient music to help with your focus.

If you’ve ever thought that music is just noise or that it doesn’t really serve a purpose for people when they listen to it, consider how the benefits mentioned above could help music be more meaningful in your life and the lives of those around you. 

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