2021’s Objects Of Desire: Six Coolest Tech Gadgets You Can Buy

The techno space is cascading with life-changing inventions. If you don’t stop and glare, you might never know how people are traveling to the moon and staying there like it’s their hometown – It’s the magic of technology!

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The coolest tech gadgets will always leave you hanging by a thread. You end up wanting them even if you don’t need them. But hey! Treating yourself with something extraordinary isn’t against the law. Right? After all, the best kind of gadgets is always the ones that make your life easier. Whether that “best” gadget is a new gaming console or a Roomba, these are the statement gadgets that help you spread the word about your ability to NOT settle for less!

While it’s usually a bit of a lull when it comes to new tech gadgets, 2021 has brought us a pretty decent haul of new releases. Check out the highlights.

1. POC Omne Eternal

It seems like a strange name for a helmet, right? Well, it’s more than just a helmet. Under the surface of this helmet, there is Powerfoyle, which is light-harvesting material, converting solar energy into electricity. You can use this helmet for cycling to work or any other destination in the morning. When you get done with your daylight voyage, put the POC Omne helmet near a sunny spot to charge. By evening, you’ll have a fully juiced blazing light on the back of the helmet. 

Throw the helmet on and watch how the sensors inside spark up as well. It is a great gadget if you want to be the highlight of the road while riding at night. Other than that, it’s also a valuable item for night ventures, such as hunting for something interesting, mainly a ghost. Since we’re on the topic of “ghosts,” Spirit Shack has the best ghost hunting gadgets. So grab yourself a device and get moving.

2. Devialet Phantom I

We’re a massive fan of Devialet’s stunning-yet-alien-looking Bluetooth speakers for decades. Still, there’s a new one on the rise: The Phantom I. There may not be any difference in the works and looks of the company’s precious Phantom speakers. But how do we put this delicately? It’s just two opposing woofers pulsating against one another, in a flawless equilibrium. However, the French audio manufacturer has made the Phantom I more power-efficient, so you can expect it to sound much better than the previous model. Besides that, the company gave it a fancy new remote and support for AirPlay 2 – talk about production! 

3. Yoto– Interactive Audio Player

Cassettes were incredible, weren’t they? No, they were not, you couldn’t skip between tracks, plus they never lasted for long because the tape monster always gobbled them up. Undoubtedly, there was something utterly satisfying about slotting the tapes into the cassette player, pressing play, and getting lost in it all. But have you ever wanted something that looks like a cassette but doesn’t lag much? Well, you’re in luck because the Yoto Player is a modern-day correspondent just as exciting and tactile, except it sounds better.

Instead of sticking tapes, this groovy audio player uses cards, each containing an interesting story. You can choose between various tales and other cards with radio, activities, and podcasts. Also, it doesn’t have a screen; instead, it has an adorable pixelated display panel, along with thick buttons for skipping tracks and adjusting the volume. As you can tell, this is for the kids. Regardless of the situation, keeping the children amused without resorting to a phone or tablet can be difficult. Right? Luckily, the Yoto Player is a must-have gadget because it keeps the whining at bay and imagination at its peak.

4. Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a dream-come-true kind of a gadget since many only thought of it as a concept and never thought it’d be a real thing. Part-handheld, part-traditional gaming console, this hybrid gadget can effortlessly connect to your Television or exist as a single unit when you’re out of the house. If you have company in the place, you can detach the Joy-Cons from the device and function as a different controller. You can play the kind of games that make boundless use of motion controls.

So why do you want Playstation and Xbox consoles? Unquestionably, they often have the best games from developers worldwide. They’ve been at the head of game-centric novelty and cutting-edge technology. But, not a single specification on those consoles can beat the fun that comes from the Nintendo Switch. So it goes without saying, this is one of the coolest gadgets you’ll ever come across in 2021.

5. Apple iPad Air

It’s kind of ridiculous that Apple took many of the most outstanding features of its iPad Pro. To name a few, the compatibility with the Magic keyboard and the slim-bezel structure – dropped them into the all-new iPad Air under a surprisingly reasonable price. Within $600, you receive a device that allows you to stream Netflix shows and listen to Spotify, design and draw, FaceTime with your pals, and even use it as a traditional laptop. 

Yes, tablets are not the most convenient devices to use when you’re always on the go, but this one sure is a pleasure to use. If you have the budget for it, don’t rob yourself of the coolest gadget around!

6. The Ridge RFID Wallet

Ever wanted a technological wallet? Stay put because you’re going to love this product. 

The Ridge is one of the most well-known brands for its minimalist approach to wallets. However, one thing that makes these wallets stand out: their ability to block radio frequency identification signals, better known as RFID. Since these communication technologies are hooded in things like our credit cards, hackers can swipe data from your cards while it’s still in your pocket. That is an obvious felony. The Ridge’s wallets create a wall around these frequencies so that the hackers cannot touch them. That’s a tremendous benefit for anyone anxious about having his or her identity thefts. 


Unfortunately, we have to draw the line here. We know you wanted more, but trust us; these six gadgets have enough oomph to change your life. There’s something special in every device that’s listed above, so ready your wallet because you’ll be spending a lot on tech gadgets alone this year.

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