What Can You Do with Your Old VHS Tapes?

VHS tapes are reminiscent of simpler times. Before big tech, before social media, and before the 21st-century. Many of us still have piles of VHS tapes in a cupboard somewhere in our home. If this is the case, you may wonder what you can do with your old VHS tapes. Whether you are holding onto them for nostalgia, or just because you hate to get rid of things, you might as well make use out of them. Contained on those tapes is likely memories that you cherish and never want to forget.

VHS tape

In this article, we will tell you what you can do with your old VHS tapes. We hope that you will find this article educational, informative, and enjoyable. Do let us know in the comments sections what you do end up doing with your VHS tapes!

Here is what you can do with your old VHS tapes.


Realistically, the first thing that you should do with your VHS tapes is to convert them. If you have been researching and browsing these converter options, you will already know it is relatively straightforward and simple. We definitely recommend that you convert them and protect the material contained within the tapes so that nothing can happen to them and so that you can cherish and hold onto the memories made forever. 

You may also just have some television shows taped that you do not want to lose, converting will preserve for you.


You could also create a library of VHS tapes. VHS tapes are culturally and historically significant, and to anyone interested in the past, they will be a fascinating reminder of how far we have come. If you have the room, you could organise your VHS tapes and file them like a library. You may not want to do this with home videotapes, but it could be awesome with movies, television, and documentaries. VHS libraries are pretty unheard of, so if you want to do something awesome, then you should definitely consider organising your tapes into a library.


Hey, if you are feeling nostalgic, why not have a ‘90s night? Get some snacks that you would have eaten then, draw the curtains, set up a VHS player, and watch some videos! You could have a fully-fledged ‘90s movie night. Nostalgia can be enjoyable at times. You could invite your friends, or watch them with your partner and children. Introducing your children into the way that you watched movies before DVDs, USBs, and streaming services. It will be a lot of fun and will be a fantastic way for you to spend an evening in the pandemic.

Destroy Them

If you do not want to keep them, organise them, or watch them, then destroy them. You should recycle them so to reduce the environmental impact. Many people just discard their rubbish or throw it onto the street – do not do this. You should always aim to recycle your waste, for the damage we are doing to the Earth is absolutely disgusting. If we do not begin to respect the planet and discard our waste more appropriately, we will make it uninhabitable for future generations.

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Donate Them

Alternatively, you could donate them. You would be surprised by how many people still adore and love VHS. You could try to find a forum or community group that shares a passion for VHS tapes, and you could donate them to them. Any charity shops would be unlikely to accept VHS tapes donations, considering how antiquated the technology is. They do not understand that there is a niche market for them among nostalgia-heads and ‘90s fanatics. Donating your VHS tapes is a good way for you to do a good thing and make somebody’s day.

Sell Them

If you have some rare VHS tapes, you could actually turn a profit. Like we mentioned previously, there is a community of VHS fanatics. If you happen to own a VHS tape that very few other people do, then you could make some money selling it onto the VHS-loving community. Selling your VHS tapes may not be the first thing you thought you would do your VHS tapes, but it is definitely a good thing to do with them. They can still make you a bit of money, and while not a lot, you may be able to break even on them.

This article hopes to have told you what you can do with your old VHS tapes. We hope that you will now know how to handle and manage your old tapes effectively with this page. We also hope you found this page educational, informative, and enjoyable. Thank you for reading.

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