World’s First Flying Microrobot is ready to Meet You All!

Time changes, especially the science and technology fields have been moving in the speed of light. Nowadays, those impossible things might turn into possible.

Let’s take an example. Will anyone ever figure out that a group of engineering research team from University of Waterloo has successfully developed the world’s first flying mirorobot?


Behrad Khamesee, the honored director of UW’s Maglev Microrobotics Laboratory and the leader of the team, have been described that this world’s first flying MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) robot is an extraordinary microrobot that ever built.

The microrobot enables the researchers to have more control over the microscale environment and allow them to place any tiny objects with greater precision than before. The microscale can deal with very tiny objects, especially those things that are too small to be manipulated by humans.

Khamesee also mentioned that the microrobot has the ability to defy the force of gravity by flying or levitating. Since this microrobot is extremely small, thus it can be used for micro-manipulation and enables precise positioning of micro objects.

“Let’s face it! The microrobot technology is going to become increasingly popular in the near future, just wait and see!” said Khamesee to the reporters. [sciencedaily]

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