Word's first appendix operation through the mouth

Non invasive surgery is getting more common and popular because of many reasons like less scars, less risk to patients life, faster recovery. All technologies needed are here and there is no reason not to use it.

Probably appendix surgery is one of most frequent operation. Is is quite simple and seems obvious method – surgeon makes a direct cut through stomach tissue to reach appendix and removes it. But this method leaves a mark on a stomach for the rest of your life. Seems that things may change as there was a first appendix removal operation done through the mouth. This method definitely leaves no scars.

The world’s first non-invasive appendectomy operation was performed on a former US Marine named Jeff Scholtz. Simply speaking, surgeons inserted a flexible tube down the throat towards stomach. Then wall tissue was incised in order to reach appendix. Tube contains three major components needed to accomplish operation: miniature camera, scissors and bag (to pull out removed appendix). Seems to be complicated way, but operation was accomplished successfully and left no scars. Patient after couple days went back to work and started eating pizza. Could you do the same after regular surgery. Hell no. It would take weeks to recover. [source]

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