Who Is Eligible For Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification And What Comes After Attaining It?

The need for certified professionals who are highly proficient has resulted in certification providers setting up conditions that they have to meet. These prerequisites are intended to prove your commitment. Thus, this article looks at the criteria set out for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate . However, you have to first know what it entails, which you will learn below.

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Overview of Discussed Certificate

To start off, the knowledge validated does not apply to a particular job role. All that is required is a clear indication of basic awareness of the cloud solutions offered by AWS. Thus, applicants who have earned the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner designation by passing the CLF-C01 exam are expected to have a valid comprehension of the desirability of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional . Also, they should be able to explain what the shared responsibility framework on AWS is. Furthermore, knowledge of the best practices used in securing cloud solutions is necessary. Next, examinees are supposed to know the cost and how customers are billed for the AWS Cloud. Moreover, these individuals should be able to outline as well as deploy key services offered by AWS. And lastly, they are expected to recognize the use cases that are common for the AWS services.

Who It Is Intended for

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certificate is designed to suit individuals working in any industry so anyone who has an interest can earn it. However, the experience of at least six months is recommended. Also, you should have been exposed to the development, deployment, plus maintenance of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner in an active role. Furthermore, you should demonstrate an understanding of the cost associated with using this solution. Nevertheless, extensive knowledge of coding, troubleshooting, plus other technical tasks is not necessary. The reason this is so is that the certificate in question provides a strong foundation as you prepare to advance to other AWS designations.

Next Steps after Earning It

If you didn’t know, AWS was founded in 2006 and is now competing for market share with IT giants such as Microsoft. This is a clear attestation that the quality of the solutions they provide is widely respected. Therefore, the demand for professionals who are knowledgeable is increasing and is projected to keep going up. This is why it is a good investment for IT specialists to switch to this platform and also advance to other upper-tier certifications. For instance, there is the associate, professional, plus the specialty levels offered by this significant vendor. Each of them has qualifications that can help you build a career as a developer, architect, or systems administrator. Without a doubt, these are highly rewarding careers in terms of the number of opportunities you will have. Furthermore, you will have gained knowledge that is applicable across the field of cloud computing.


The AWS Certified is more suited to candidates who are switching from other cloud platforms. However, if you are new to the whole concept of cloud computing, then AWS should be the first choice as it is experiencing fast growth at the moment. So, kick start your IT career using this certificate and its related exam coded AWS and gain a firm base before you advance to more technical skills.

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