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When the Old-fashioned Sewing Machine Meet New Technology

For those of you that born in 1970s or 1980s, you must be very familiar with the old type sewing machine, where your mom always used it to sew some beautiful clothes with it.

Most of the sewing machine in that moment was mostly using our feet to step on it and it does require a lot of exercise indeed! If you look on the sewing machine closely, you might find that it’s really a wonderful and magnificent invention that ever created.

What do you think, if you combine the old type sewing machine with the latest technology? Isn’t this sound fabulous to you here?

Yep, what you’re about to learn today is to develop a sound visible sewing machine, where you can put all the high technology stuffs, such as equalizers and sub-titles inside the sound visible. By doing this, you’ll change the sewing sound into an awesome visible sound telegraph instantly!

The visible sound sewing machine will take the sound input and convert it into a sound wave of thread on textile. The sewing machine is synonymous with producing products in industry. Hence, it served as a fitting analogy for the project.

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