Weekend in Vegas

Weekend in Vegas is an online slot machine game that has a Las Vegas, Nevada themed background, adding a lot of spice and flavor to your typical slot machine games. The game works essentially the same way as a regular slot machine, although there are some bonuses that can get you a bunch of extra coins, that is, if you are lucky enough to hit the right combinations. The symbols in the Weekend in Vegas slot machine game are cards letters and numbers, as well as a variety of Las Vegas themed symbols, including the Las Vegas sign and a police car, which has the word scatter written across it.

How to Win

Weekend in Vegas has five reels that spin, with the goal being hitting various combinations across the board, which pay out to different amounts. You can choose to bet either a few coins, or you can go all in and bet the maximum amount. The more money that the player decides to gamble with on each spin, the greater the chance of hitting a big score, although keep in mind that there are bonuses involved in the game that you can take advantage of as well. The Las Vegas Wilds symbol functions as a card that can complete any line as a winner, and the police car symbols with the word scatter can bring in a huge score as well.

Free Spins

If you do hit the scatter police cars, your overall winnings can hit up to two hundred and fifty times the winning amount, although the scatter police cars may also give the player the ability to get free spins as well. The free spins bonus may get you eight, twelve, or twenty free spins, which all may add up to create a much bigger pot of coins than could have been won on a regular spin.

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