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Unbelievable Dynamic Tiled Display Puzzlemation

You are too bored and cannot get any good thing to do? Why don’t you just sweep all of the boredom away by creating a creative and cool ‘Puzzlemation’ today?

Yes, you did not get me wrong here. An interactive and innovative ‘Puzzlemation’ will simply spark up your simple life. The essential components for create this ‘Puzzlemation’ are:

  • Numerous of tiles, each of it is about 2″ square with an 8 x 8 array of color LED pixels.
  • Numerous of batteries (You need them to power up the LED bulbs, rechargeable batteries are most recommended here)
  • A big tray: place the tiles.

These how it is work: first, you need to put all of the tiles on the tray, this to create a big square of ‘Puzzlemation’.


Then, you can download the animation into the tray via the Ethernet and stored locally on an EEPROM.


Finally, the tray will play the animation in a synchronize form.


What are you waiting for? Start right now and kill your boredom away. [read on]

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