Turn Your Ball Pen into a Small Pen Solder Dispenser

What can you do with a ball pen? You probably will say, “We use the ball pen for the writing purpose and what are you expecting with it?” OK, this is the common sense.

If you can transform the ordinary ball pen into a small Pen Solder Dispenser, would you want to try it?

You need the following things before starting this project:

  • One ball pen (prefer the one with metal tip)
  • Silver bearing solder for electronic work
  • Razor blade (for cutting the solder or pen)

Ok, let’s started the party now…

Firstly, you need to prepare the solder. Take the ink cartridge and wrap the thin solder around the cartridge neatly. Remember to leave one inch of solder unwrapped condition.

(Refer to the next figure for the wrapping step).

Then, you must carefully remove the wrapped solder from the ink cartridge. Try not to unravel or crush the little solder spring that you’ve made.

After that, remove the solder spring and slide it into the empty pen housing. The one inch that left unwrapped and the pen tip will both come out.

Caution: Be careful from being burn when you using the solder. [Source]

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