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Turn Your Astronomy Observation into Fun Activity

Do you love the mystery of astronomy and would like to unveil the secret mask of it? However, you’re felt irritating when you need to expose yourself under the old astronomy light, which cannot perfectly suit your demand? Stop the complaint today with an adjustable PIC astronomy light. Things that needed:

  • An old desk lamp


  • An old mouse


For a good performance, you need to use a desk lamp with a patch of LCDs in place of the bulb. The mouse will be used as a light brightness controller. When he mouse is plugging into the lamp jack, the light will turn on automatically. You need to do a small modification on the mouse. Cut off those components inside the mouse, except the button for connecting to the microcontroller.


Operating the light brightness with your mouse:

  • Turning the light on and off

Plug the jack into the controller: light on; Unplugging the jack: light off.

  • Adjusting the brightness

Pressing and holding the left or right mouse buttons to adjust the brightness.

  • Adjusting the “boost” brightness

Press and hold the middle mouse button. [read]

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