Track Your Sleep Cycles with This Spectacular Sleep Tracker!

Have you ever thought what your sleep cycle is and how frequently you’re move around during the whole night? Well, if you are curious about your own sleep pattern and like to know more about your sleeping time, then you should consider building a “Sleep Tracker”!

Did you know, according to the studies that the length of sleep is not what causes us to be refreshed when we’re wake up in the morning. The main key factor is the number of complete quality sleep cycles that we’ve been going through during the night! Thus, if a person always awakened during the sleep cycles throughout the night, then that person will feel extremely tired in the next day, as he/she didn’t even complete one quality sleep cycle at all!


A quality sleep cycle will take about 90 minutes to be completed. If you can have at least three to four completed sleep cycles at night, then you’ll be refreshed in the next morning or otherwise! Therefore, it’s all about the quality sleep cycles, but not the length of time you’re sleeping each night.

Remember, you should try to avoid all the distraction things away from the sleeping area, such as the cell phone or laptop, if you want to have a good and quality sleeping time! [link]

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