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Tiny Braitenberg Vehicle – The Cutest Movable Vehicle!

Does the Braitenberg Vehicle sounds like a bit Deutsch for you here? Well, For those who didn’t notice, the Braitenberg Vehicle is actually a masterpiece from the Mr. Valentino Braitenberg, a biological cybernetics professor from Germany! He is the person who brought out the idea, Braitenberg Vehicles to the public.

According to Mr. Braitenberg, the vehicle represents the simplest form of behavior based artificial intelligence or embodied cognition. Technically, a Braitenberg vehicls is an automaton, which is freely moved around without any control buttons with it. It has a series of primitive light sensors and wheels that function as actuators or effectors. In most of the case, a sensor is directly connected to an effector. Hence, a sensed signal will be immediately produces a movement of the wheel.

Tiny Braitenberg vehicle

Honestly, the vehicle performs different goal-oriented behaviors, which is mainly depending on how sensors and wheels are connected to the Braitenberg vehicle.

The Tiny Braitenberg Vehicle is much smaller than other is and comes on a custom PCB. Believe it or not, it only weighs 17 grams, but it can be driven by two pager motors and powered by a small lipo cell. Also, it’s possible to control the Braitenberg Vehicle with an 8-pin ATtiny25V as well!

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