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The Wellness Mobile Phone

The Wellness mobile phone from the Japanese mobile solutions provider, NTT DoCoMo and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation was launched at the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC), which was held in Japan on the first week of October this year (2007). According to the company spokesman, the Wellness mobile phone is a device that is suited to busy yet health-conscious individuals as health and fitness checks can be provided on the go using a very convenient device.

Traditional Fitness Features

The Wellness mobile phone is equipped with a pedometer that uses a built-in motion sensor. This motion sensor can detect the number of steps, the distance traveled and the type of activity (running, walking or climbing) being done by the phone user. Using all collected by the motion sensor, the inbuilt programming can calculate the amount of calories that has been burned. The phone can then generate a daily activity summary.

The phone also has a body mass calculator function. This function also does not require any input from the user. For the calculation to ensue, the phone user is only required to hold the phone at arm’s length. The phone also comes equipped with a sensor to measure the user’s pulse.

Some of the Wellness mobile phone’s features are still undergoing testing. Features that are still in the testing stage include the networking feature (which will let Wellness mobile phone users share data with each other) and a program that lists and keeps track of meals and calculates daily caloric intake.

Innovative Health Features

The Wellness mobile phone offers some features that have not yet been seen in the fitness consumer electronics market. Such features include the built-in breathalyzer that lets users breathe into a hole on the side of the phone. An alcohol-level or alcohol intoxication rating is given and a health questionnaire (which gives a general analysis of the user’s condition) is administered. The Wellness mobile phone also gives the user advice based on the inputted data (gender, age and height) and the results of the tests taken using its built-in devices.

Although not all of its features are entirely novel (it is not first when it comes to pedometer-phone technology or even in breathalyzer phone research), the Wellness mobile phone is the first single mobile device to integrate all of these features in one usable phone package. Unfortunately, the Wellness mobile phone is not yet commercially available as of today.

Thoughts Aside

The technology used in computers has been installed into various types of products. Computers have changed their form from desktop to laptop for easy access. There have been many innovations in this century for example the plasma tv. Of all the new technology, the wellness mobile phone, which monitors a person’s health, is one of the latest technologies of all. Even printers have come out with new technology.

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