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The Unexpected Joke – Electronic Whoopie Cushion Deux

Life is bored and you didn’t have any interesting stuff to deal with? Well, if your friends love to drop by to your home, maybe this Electronic Whoopie Cushion Deux might be able to bring more laughing at your house!

Basically, the Electronic Whoopie Cushion Deux (Deux is meaning ‘two’ in French) is the version two or the follow-up to an earlier electronic version of the Whoopie Cushion device.

For this second version, you have to use an MC33794 e-field sensor IC. It perfectly matched with a Motorola MC68HC908QY4 microcontroller to sense, either someone is sitting down or gets up from the Electronic Whoopie Cushion.


When the presence of the victim is sensed and identified, it plays a pre-recorded farting sound immediately!

Beside of the MC33794 E-field sensor IC and a Motorola MC68HC908QY4 microcontroller, those components that needed for this project are:

  • A Microchip 24LC65 serial EEPROM (It’s to store sound data)

  • A two pole low pass filter (It’s for recovering the audio signal from the microcontroller PWM output)

  • A National Semiconductor LM4861 audio amplifier IC (It used to drive the speaker)

  • A CUI GA0576 55mm, 0.25W speaker (It’s for providing the sound)

  • A Chicago Miniature Lamp CMD28-21VRC low current LED (Especially for indication of system operation)

  • A National Semiconductor LP2951 micropower voltage regulator

  • A 9V alkaline battery (It provides power for the system)

Well, it’s an extremely fun project. Honestly, you’ll be regretted, if you didn’t get involved with it! So, let’s jump into the project and having some great time…

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