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The Smart and Easy-to-use AudioTron Editor

You’re a fanatic music lover and it makes you feel great, especially when you’re frustrated or depressed? Hence, you’ve bought many network music players, including the Turtle Beach AudioTron! However, since the AudioTron was discontinued in 2004, you have no idea where you should keep the radio station setup files?

Before we’re further into the topic, we should let the other know what’s AudioTron for! The Turtle Beach AudioTron is a 1U rack-mountable, hi-fi network music player, where it streams digital music files from personal computers without need to install any server software on these storage devices. Since the AudioTron is fully based on Windows CE, therefore it supported many file formats, such as Wave, WMA, MP3 and MP3 playlists.


The best part about this AudioTron is all the files can be easily resided on a Microsoft Windows network share. The AudioTron can read assorted music files over Ethernet or HPNA network and generates analog audio via RCA connectors.

With the AudioTron editor, you can host the file locally on your computer. You’ll find out that most of the files are in xml format, hence it’s not easy to edit them! To overcome the problem, you’ve to make an Access database application, which it can be worked in Microsoft Office Access 2000.

By the way, you can also use the AudioTron to play streaming media from internet radio stations as well! [more]

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