The Powerful Brick Laying Robot

Some robotics developers have mentioned that the 21st century would be the “robotics century”, as the progression in robotics field is going to be faster and better than ever before.

Honestly, robots are very common in our daily life. Go figure, you might see the petite Roomba moving and vacuuming through the house, or your children are playing with the electronic puppies/dinosaurs!

A group of robotics research team from the Gantenbein Winery, in Flasch, Switzerland has been developed a prototype. They called the new prototype as the “Brick Laying Robot”.

Normally, the main purpose of robot development is to replace the human workforce. However, it’s a little bit different for the Brick Laying Robot. It requires a person to create the wonderful designs and patterns of a precision. This means, the robot won’t be functioned, without the helping hands from human being!

The Brick Laying Robot can be a very good addition to the hand brick laying. By using the smart robot, it’s capable for a person to lay bricks in more complex patterns, which is very hard to do by bare hands.

The Brick Laying Robot is scheduling to launch on the market in less than five years. It would be a fun to use the robot to make some incredible brick patterns, especially with your loved ones at home! []

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