The New Breakthrough of The Invisibility Cloaks!

If you’re one of the Harry Potter fans, you’ll know that the Harry has an invisible cloak, which it will make the body disappear, once the person put on it.

Believe it or not, a group of researcher from the University of California at Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have been created a material that can bend visible light in three dimensions and the sizes is in the Nanoscale, which it can be measured in billionths of meter!

Although this is really a shocking and advanced breakthrough in the metamaterials field, however it still has two severe limitations. Firstly, it will only work on the microwave range of the light spectrum and secondly, it will only work on thin, two-dimensional systems!

The research group is now trying to overcome the problem, by doing a further research in the “Negative refractive index”, which it is one of the important factors to make an invisibility cloak within a visible light spectrum and in three dimensions.

According to Xiang Zhang, the leader of the research group for this project, the concept of the invisibility cloak is working based on the curve light waves, where it must completely around the object, just like a river that flowing around a rock!

Thus, when a person looking at the cloaked object, it would be then see light from behind it, and then making it seem like disappearing without any trace… [read]

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