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The Marvelous iPhone-Controlled R/C Car!

Are you interested on the controlled R/C car? If you did, then do you ever modified or developed your very own iPhone-Controlled R/C car before?

You must be wondered, “Nah, it’s impossible to control the R/C car with iPhone!” Well, if you have this kind of thought, then you should better think again…

For your information, there are many cool stuff that you can do with the iPhone and one of the features is use it to control your R/C car! The R/C car controlling can be very easy with the help of the iPhone 3G. It has five buttons here, where four of them you can use it for traditional driving and when you press the last button, it will unlock the accelerometer control in the same way, just like many driving games that available on AppStore!

Technically, you will think it’s a very complicated project, but it will only take you one afternoon here. If you have no ideas which part you should start here, then you might want to refer to the following schematic way flow:

iPhone → WiFi→ PC → Max → Serial Port→ Arduino → Original controller

It’s time to have some fun with the iPhone-Controlled R/C car in the open space… [link]

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