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The Magical Self-Potrait Machine

Did anyone here is an art lover? Even though most of the painters were famous, only after they’ve passed away, but it seems that many people still choose to become a painter!

By the way, for those who love self-portrait, then this magical Self-Portrait Machine is going to amaze you here!

Jen Hui Liao, the brilliant developer of the Self-Portrait Machine, described that he’s a fanatic self-portrait lover. He loved to spend hours portraying his family, friends, colleagues or even strangers! He knew that portraying isn’t an easy task and time consumable event. In order to save up the time, he decided to invent a self-portrait machine, so that everyone can self-portray himself/herself in the house!


He described the Self-Portrait Machine is a smart device, which is able to take a picture of the sitter and draws it instantly! In this case, it would need the model’s help, as the person has to tie his/her wrists to the machine. After it, the person is guided to draw the lines. During the drawing of the lines, the self-portrait is begun to form in front of the drawer’s eyes, as the magical’s spells!

Liao’s said that the main objective of the project is to explore the cooperation process of human and machine. Furthermore, it’s also a great tool to exercise your wrists and mind as well!

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