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The Invention of Superb Electronic Amplifier

Space exploration isn’t an easy task, as it requires many high-end technology to keep all the devices functioning well in extreme temperatures and the risk of exposure to radiation.

An Electrical engineering researchers from University of Arkansas have successfully designed and tested an electronic micro amplifier, where it claimed can operate normally in the space environment without protection from a warm box.


This superb electronic amplifier is capable of performing with consistency and stability at extreme temperatures, where it ranges from 125 degrees Celsius to negative 180 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, it saves power and space that required for electronic circuitry.

Alan Mantooth, professor of electrical engineering and holder of the Twenty-First Century Endowed Chair in Mixed-Signal IC Design and CAD, explained that the device is the first fully differential amplifier circuit, where it’s mainly designed specifically for extreme temperatures, including temperatures in the cryogenic region.

This electronic amplifier has a power supply of 3.3 volts. It uses two common-mode feedback circuits to control the voltage of both the input and output stages.

The researchers are continuing to construct an amplifier, where is provides a larger differential gain across both wide frequency and temperature. So, please wait and see by yourself…

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