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The Incredible Steel Melting Solar Mirror – You’re better watch out for your Backyard Trees!

Will you believe it; you actually can vaporize wood and even melt down the steel, by only focusing sunlight with mirrors?

It sounds crazy to be true, but a few geniuses MIT students have successfully prove themselves and transform this idea into a reality. The main objective for this project is based on super-efficiency solar energy and environmental friendly concept.

The steel-melting solar mirror is a 12-foot by 12-foot parabolic mirror, or you’re also can considered it as a solar concentrator; that is primarily made from the off-the-shelf metal framing which fitted the bent mirrors to enable the sunlight to be focused in a single point.

RawSolar, a new company that established by the MIT students to sell their patented dish design to the entire United States household.

“Our first main goal is to develop a heat source that relatively cheaper than the natural gas or oil price, and this will definitely help you to save more money,” said Matt Ritter, one of the MIT students and Public Relations Manager of Raw Solar.

“We didn’t even use any silicon or robotics for the manufacturing purposes, but only the low cost mirrors and scaffolding to cut off the budget, that’s why it’s extremely cheap compare to others,” said David Pelly, the project team’s advisor at MIT.

In able for this solar mirror to melt down the steel, the solar collector need to generate temperatures at least 1,300 degerees C or more to do so. [Source]

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  1. Wow! This could me a great break through for solar energy

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