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The Gigantic Super Class-A Amplifier!

The amplifiers are too small for you? Would you like to have some extraordinary amplifiers? Nah, it’s not only extraordinary, but all of them are super huge Class-A Amplifiers! You don’t believe about it? Then, you can have a look on the below figure…


What you’ve saw here is the real project, where it use the super Class-A 30W amplifiers as the main point. For your information, you can build this gigantic project by using Toshiba 2SA1943 and 2SC5200 complimentary transistor pairs, where they have more robust output stage. The 2SC5200 is being used, as it allows the user to increase the rail voltage and let the amplifier to deliver even more power.

This Super Class-A Amplifier is fully running at a bias of about 1.65A @ 35V, which it resulting in about 58W of continuous dissipation per transistor in the output stage. In this condition, you can highly imagine that the heat sink runs in a hotter temperature, where it can reach approximately 40 Celsius degrees!


In order to overcome the matter, the heat sink should be comprised with two pieces cut to size and is approximate 420X180X35 mm. By doing this way, it will reduce the high temperature to around 36 to 37 Celsius degrees.

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